French vanilla ice cream

Where are the very rich, custardy, egg yolky, and vanilla-y French Vanilla ice creams in the LA/OC area?

I recently discovered Creamistry has an amazing French vanilla with the Straus organic cream but it was $7. :grin:

Please help me not pay $7 for a scoop of ice cream.





The husbands favorite ice cream flavor is… vanilla. (And yet I married him!)

Anyhow, he is very VERY picky about his vanillas and Fosselman’s french vanilla is one of his favs.

He also likes their “plain” vanilla, saying it’s very flavorful.

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I have had the French vanilla at Fosselman’s, but only in the prepackaged 1/2 gallon tubs. Is this ice cream of different quality than the scoops versions from where the scoops come from?

McConnell’s is also excellent, but look for it to be called “Golden State Vanilla”

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I am not going to ask…

Baskin Robbins has a French vanilla, not at every store. Remeber, you like an amazing, creamy, eggy, vanilla-y icecream, Strauss Dairy is not cheap, eggs are not cheap and I am sure they are using Nielssen Massey Camilla, also not cheap, if they use Tahitian vanilla then you are talking 2 or 3 times as much as bourbon vanilla. Sometime quality costs money. That said, Fosselman’s, McConnells and Baskin Robbins should satisfy you addiction.

Is this some sort of anti-French thing like “freedom fries” and “liberty toast?”

Hahha, I’ll give it a try though. I am at GCM quite semi often.

It is also made with liquid nitrogen. The Strauss organic cream was extra cost for the base but I said what the heck. Then I realized that when they rang it up it was $7. I’ll buy it every once in a while, but damn buying 4 ice creams was $30 Hahaha.

That is a lot of Fosselman’s or Baskin Robbin’s! Liquid Nitrogen, ugh, great gimmick but…

Salt N Straw has a double fold vanilla, not sure what that means. I’ve actually never tried it but based on the quality of their other ice creams possibly using a similar base I’d have to assume its good.

And it’s definitely <$7 but not that much less.

Oh nevermind, looks like they dropped the flavor:

Checked the McConnell’s website, and it’s gone from there, too. Assholes.

Since it’s been five years and still no sign of French Vanilla ice cream in LA, how about vanilla custard from places like Bruxie’s or Shake Shack?

How about the ‘old fashioned vanilla’ at Sweet Rose? They use a tahitian vanilla for flavoring.

I would definitely consider frozen custard too. Blvd sold at Whole Foods and others has a really nice vanilla frozen custard.

Maybe we should just change this to the “Vanilla Ice Cream and Custard” thread.

They just don’t want us to have nice things.

While not French Vanilla, I have enjoyed the Ugandan Vanilla at Jeni’s. It’s been a while since I’ve had it, though.

I think it was in another thread - or maybe even back on CH - that someone (ipse?) made the point that most places use Madagascar, and not the more potent Mexican or Tahitian.

Hence my enjoyment of Jeni’s.

When most brands had phased-out French Vanilla 5 years ago, McConnell’s French Vanilla and then later “Golden State Vanilla” (same flavor, just a new name) was how I came to hear of the brand. The fact that the GSV flavor was really good also helped, but damn, they’ve really ticked me off now!

Nevermind, I love French vanilla as well and SR’s is not eggy enough nor has a strong enough vanilla flavor. (the fig jam with salty crumble OTOH yum).

Oh, you can ask. Great guy. Cute. Funny. Good eater : )

But still, after more years married than is probably legal in LA I still ask “Vanilla? Really?”

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