Friday lunch at R'Evolution

My husband had to attend the conference on Friday until noon, so we weren’t able to get to Galatoires until past 12:30 on the Friday before Halloween. The main dining room looked like an Halloween party, with everyone in elaborate costumes. It wasn’t a party, though, just the regulars there, saying hello to each other. No tables would be available until 4pm, so sadly, we left. We decided to try R’Evolution, which I think is only open on Fridays for lunch. The restaurant was mostly empty. We were sat in the dining room in front of the kitchen and had to watch roasting ducks, though none were on the lunch menu!
Again, we had very good service, with a friendly waiter who helped us cut down on the items we were going to order. I got the turtle soup, which I am happy I tried, but also realized that one was enough for the trip. Theirs comes poured over quail eggs, which complemented the soup. My husband got the Death by Gumbo, which had a stuffed quail in the center of the gumbo. It was superb. We also got the fried oyster, bacon and blue cheese salad, which the waiter kindly asked that more lettuce be add (we are Californians, remember :wink:).

The waiter recommended Bar O on bourbon street for another Ramos Fizz, which we did try.

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Opps! Forgot, we also got blue crab beignets that comes with four different sauces. Each sauce was delicious!

The slaw that came with the beignets was also delicious!


Oh man!

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Love R’evolution, though I’ll admit the 3-4 times we’ve been there, it’s always been for dinner.

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The waiter did recommend, if we came back, to try dinner, where that beautiful spit roasted duck would be served!