Fried Chicken Gizzards?

Where do y’all go that’s good? Any style works as long as they are fried. American, Korean, maybe there’s another one I’m unaware of? Open anywhere in the LA or OC metro area.

Have had the ones at Dinah’s and Roscoe’s, looking for others.

Donahoo’s in Pomona has em.


We had gizzards at the OC branch of ham ji park. It wasn’t necessarily something we would order again though. It was more of a broiled version with onions and jalapenos. They coated the gizzards with some type of flour or cornstarch that gave it an odd mouth feel.

My kids favorite gizzards are usually at izakayas. Not fried but always devoured.

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Any suggestions in particular?

We are partial to Izakaya Takesai in Fullerton. It used to be an old Honda-ya so maybe check out some of their other locations.

Shin sen gumi in Fountain Valley has them as well. Smaller and crunchier.


Tenkatori Karaage inside Tokyo Central in Gardena (Artesia and Western) has fried gizzards (in addition to fried nankotsu/cartilage). Only problem is you can’t exactly crack open a beer in a food court. :sweat_smile: They travel ok, and we usually enjoy whatever we have left after munching on the drive home with beer and hot sauce.

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Ooh, there’s a Tenkatori Karaage in Costa Mesa, which is perfect because I’m there a couple times a month. And they have beer.

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Clearly I’m going to the wrong location!

Just remembered two other OC spots for (Korean-style) fried gizzards:

Pelicana Chicken in Buena Park at the Source

Ssal #2 (a Korean Fried Chicken/beer joint) located at 2895 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

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Went to Tenkatori today. We got an 8 piece karaage, and 7 oz of gizzards, along with the yuzu aioli and spicy mayo sauces. Didn’t realize it would be so much food, this is a great value. I was stuffed after eating 4 karaage and 4 gizzards. Really enjoyed it.

Saw a couple of guys get a set lunch which consisted of 5 karaage, rice, salad, miso soup, 2 croquettes, and a california roll for less than $10 total.