Fried chicken "shawarma" sandwich - Dune

::ahem:: When it’s warm ouside, it really is quite onerous… :wink:


Yep. Nights and weekends, that lot can get full, too.
But it’s still a great tip and probably the best bet!

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I’m glad I had the falafel before having the fried chicken sandwich. Because while the falafel were great, the fried chicken shawarma sandwich was insane.

Thanks OP!

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going to hit the chicken sandwhich at venice after lifting at golds tomorrow…so stoked, never eaten at dune. Will report back.

Had the fried chicken shawarma last week.

Concur! Amazing!!

I love that fried chicken sandwich but the falafel is still my go-to order. I wish more condiments came on the fried chicken.

BTW, have you tried the lamb meatballs yet? Also excellent.

Nope that was only my 2nd time at Dune. Will check out the lamb meatballs next unless the shawarma calls my name.

Hi @Bigmouth,

When was the last time you had the lamb meatballs? I ask because the last time we went (about 1 year ago), Dune’s lamb meatballs were just way too salty; kind of ruined the dish for us. :frowning:

Yikes! Last time I had the lamb meatballs was in December:

However, I’ve been back a few times since then with friends who ordered the meatballs and loved them. Might be worth another try?

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I find the meatballs inconsistent. Sometimes they are cooked perfectly, sometimes overcooked. Sometimes a little salty (though never too salty) and sometimes just right.

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Went back today for the chicken, excellent. Person sitting at the other end of the counter was having the lamb meatballs and they looked great. I think the 2 falafel/2 meatball thing for $17 is the way to go.

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Oh damn – I had no idea you could do this.

Behold … the 2 falafel/2 meatball thing (aka mezze plate). A little pricey at $17 but worth the splurge imo. Meatballs were juicy and seasoned just right on this occasion. The zhug remains the best in town.


was it filling? QPR seems pretty low compared to the chicken sando

Q as in quantity or quality?

The plate is undoubtedly more food than the sandwich IMO.

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I think QPR usually means quality to price?

Anyway, the mezze plate is quite filling. As with objects in your side mirror, the meatballs and falafels probably look smaller in my pic than they actually are. Between those and the hummus and salads, you get a fair amount of food. More certainly than with the sanwiches, as @Ns1 notes.

The value proposition is a tougher call. While the portion is generous, it’s still a bit of a splurge at $17. However, the quality is such that I think it’s worth it. (Provided, of course, you don’t get dry,salty balls, like some have reported. I’d be very annoyed if I shelled out extra money for that.)

As for the fried chicken, while I agree it’s very good, it’s not something I order often at Dune. I can get fried chicken that’s as good or better elsewhere, so I prefer the meatballs and (especially) the falafel because similarly superlative versions of those things are harder to find around town.

Also, a big part of the appeal of Dune for me is the various salads and spreads. The fried chicken sandwich is basically just protein and greens, which I find relatively less appealing.

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