Fried Turkey - Norwalk/Cerritos/Downey

When I cooked a 16 lb. bird this weekend, I thought it would be enough for leftovers for a few days. It was not. My husband is sad to not have leftovers for days. Anyone know where I can get a fried bird in my neck of the woods? Hambone’s in Bellflower on Alondra only offers them during the actual holiday, not during the season. I called and checked today.


Loreto’s in Compton.

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Thanks, ipse!

Next time cook 2!

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That’s what we did - deep fried two 14 lb birds in peanut oil. As someone who prefers fresh turkey sandwiches to the day-of Thanksgiving bird, I’m super happy.

I roasted mine to ensure drippings for gravy. Hence the one bird…and likely the one guest who way too many leftovers has put me into this conundrum. I’ll go to Compton if I have to, but would love a closer option.

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