From Eater - Hatchet Hall reopening with parking lot dining!

  • Culver City’s Hatchet Hall reopens tonight, with a more condensed menu and a broad new parking lot patio dining situation.

Maybe we’ll have that FTC parking lot party I was musing about last month. :wink:


They had a nice his size patio. Makes total sense for them

Thanks for the heads up had dinner tonight and it was delicious! Order at the bar and sit within their newly expanded parking lot patio, great idea as it minimizes the human contact.

Sand dabs were perfectly cooked, yogurt carrots were as good as ever. Only complaint was the cured ham was slightly dry.

Great spot I’m sure it will get packed soon so if you’re worried about crowds (like me) stop by sooner rather than later.


What’s on top of the ham?

The ham isn’t pictured it was thinly sliced like prosciutto.

Top picture is carrots and yogurt, sand dabs, and warm medjol dates. Bottom picture is their cast iron corn bread.