FTC Confessions


I want to try the impossible burger at Carl’s Jr.

And I hate Carl’s Jr.

But - the impossible burger. For less than $11.


When the forecast says ill be snowed in for 4 days I’ll buy lots of junk food just to look at .


I forgot to ask you, @Happybaker…did you end up trying it? I’m curious, too.


Even when we lived at Lake Tahoe we were never really snowed in. We sometimes CHOSE not to go out.


I have not tried it.

I was going to try it today as I was going to be running errands right by a Carl’s Jr. And then I looked up the nutritional info -

710 calories. I’d have to just eat half (which is normally what I do but still. Eek. )

So I skipped it and in a complete turnaround, decided to try the new vegan dog at Ikea. Surprisingly decent! My husband asked “Does it taste like a hot dog?” and my answer was “No. It takes like a fresh veggie burger in a hot dog shape.”
I liked it enough that I’d have it again, googled it and discovered - I can! Just 226 calories, including the toppings and the bun and just 75¢ - I have a fab new option.

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Mercy. What’s your daily caloric goal?


Wow, that’s an oddly personal question.

I’ll just say that I’m five feet tall and, that while I do exercise, I do not run a marathon a day : )


Sorry, Happy. I certainly didn’t mean to offend. But half of 710 isn’t very much for a lunch. But your height certainly says something. Again, my apologies. You’re one of my faves.

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Hey, how do you know cath’s middle name?!


Oh, shush. I already apologized. :slight_smile:

BTW, my middle name is “Lynn” because my mother wanted a short name to go with my long name…which isn’t “Cath.”

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Oh you. No offense taken. You’re one of my favs as well. Just seemed odd to me.

But again, I am used to being five feet tall (but hopefully not wide) and all that entails… : )


Oh good. I’ve ‘shrunk’ to about 5’6" and need to lose a ton of weight.

I feel so awkward that I offended you. xoc

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I may have run out of “cooking” sake for a steamed kabocha dish and I may have used Born Gold for this purpose . . . after I took a hit straight from the bottle.

As Julia Child said, “Remember, you are alone in the kitchen and nobody can see you,” but my wife walked in and caught the whole thing. She still loves me. I think.


She has great taste. The chef’s ain’t so bad either…

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Twice now the same neighbor has seen me bite into a stick of butter. I hope she thinks it’s cheese.


Yama-san (at Yamakase) been known to serve butter straight-up as an entremet course in his over-the-top omakases.


That’s one of the funniest food stories I’ve ever read. LOLOLOLOLOL.


You made me laugh loud.

May all your butter be tasty and, superficially cheesy…


Thanks to this HungryOnion thread

About this restaurant

I’m having food fantasies about these menu items

@TheChez5 might appreciate the “Butterly Delicious” section. :wink:


I like fake American cheese . Kraft singles on my burger .