FTC Confessions


After a week solo with three teenagers, I went to Del Frisco’s for lunch. Three glasses of sauvignon blanc (one for each precious treasure, of course) and an order of cheesesteak egg rolls hit the spot waaay better than it should have.


We do similar things when we’ve spent a number of hours caring for three and seven year old grand-boys :slight_smile: Much deserved.


:rofl::joy::rofl: Nice reward!

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I don’t know when i stopped eating scrambled eggs with ketchup…

Recently I realized that was a mistake and i love me some ketchup balanced out with some hot sauce in my morning eggs!!


I find these “Nutrition Facts” annoying and confusing:

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Do you mean that one measurement is for a cup and a half and one for the whole bag? Does seem odd.


Yes, and that the cup-and-half is noted in grams and as being frozen. I’m guessing this is a legal regulation of some sort, but I’m tired and just kept staring at it trying to reason things out. (Partner says it was good, though, and that’s probably what’s important. :wink: )

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But still. I’m betting you might be a tad more informed than many and it confuses you. Imagine your ‘average’ shopper.

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For years I’ve seen complaints that package nutrition is usually only for a portion size of the total package… which is usually much smaller than what an average person would consume. So this product gives you both a portion that is 2/3 of the package and for the whole package. Maybe it’s just more than you’re used to seeing?

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