FTC'ers from Boston & Environs (Ex-Chowhounders or otherwise) introduce yourself

Hi Gang,

Same username here, BostonBestEats! Same name on Yelp, Twitter, Facebook (or BosBeseats).

Before moving back to Boston this year, I used to be PhillyBestBYOB on the Philly board (quit in disgust over the moderation), and I forget what on the Boston board before that dating back to at least 2001.

It’s interesting how so much of your life ends up being chronicled on a board like Chowhound (and it’s sad when it passes away, as I expect CH eventually will).


same name on ch and the twittah, although i don’t tweet much.

the ch boston board is full of crickets now so we shall see what happens.

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we’re going to need a lot more friends in here!

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Small Plates here. Hope more folks come over. Can we post a coded message on our former favorite food site to encourage migration? Hmmmm :wink:

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Boston based former hound. I was Foodiex2 over there, an unfortunate name I was never able to change.


Good morning everyone. I was and still am Gio from North of Boston. The Home Cooking board was my landing place at CH but I regularly peeked into the Boston board to see what was going on since I’m not able to toot around town as I used to. Nice to see so many familiar names here.


I’m here.

Nice to see some familiar names


There was an article in the LA Times about CH and it mentions FTC:

The LA Board here has gained several new members since it came out. Someone posted this on CH since it is about them AND it mentions this site.

6 hours and the CH mods have not removed it.


there is a globe article now too and the ch thread discussing it mentions both ftc and ho. am VERY surprised the mods have left it running.

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Once the major media started covering the story, maybe they had to start pretending they don’t censure things. After all, CBS gets enough bad press.

Or their unique user numbers have stayed high (thanks for nothing Google), despite no posting, and that is all they care about.

I’m over here now. Same name as CH.

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Delighted you’ve joined us.

Invite more people!