Full of Beans... Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans

Use it like stock for a vegetable soup.

What do you dislike about the beans?

I don’t like black beans. I shouldn’t have gotten black beans.

Hubs has an addiction to YouTube cooking videos. I don’t mind, I mainly roll my eyes at the stunt cooking (yeah… I’m not going to forage my lawn for wild Alums) and lightly tease him that of the 100s he’s watched… he hasn’t made anything from them. Generally they are just playing as I knit or write… but recently I saw one pop up on his feed that I asked him to play…

Yes… he even watches the ones in Spanish. And this particular creator isn’t quite stunt cooking, but he often goes over the top with meat. Although with Frijoles Charros… you usually have at least 3 meats (Bacon, Chorizo and any combo of Hot Dogs/Ham/Chicharon) This video reminded that I haven’t had Frijoles Charros in ages… I already had good bacon from Dakin Farms and Choriman and I was THIS close to going to Zamoras and getting some meaty Chicharon… but I decided not to go TOO CRAZY since I also had something else that inspired the desire for this dish… Caramelo Duck Fat Tortillas!

I already had the Burritos La Palma Tortillas come in with my Locale order, but when I saw Cookbook had Caramelo Tortillas… I had to try. But for now… back to the beans…

Usually Frijoles Charros all for Pinto Beans. I had some Rancho Gordo Pinquitos which I thought would be great in this. So I made them up the night before with a bit more mexican herbs than I would my usual bean prep. Then the following day took out the Chamba Pot and Cooked up the bacon. Then the Chorizo in the bacon fat. I took out a good amount of bacon fat. I find bacon overpowering in a lot of dishes… I really wanted to taste the Chorizo and of course the beans, Once mostly cooked, I took out the chorizo and sliced them. Added the beans in with the bacon and Chorizo and let them get to know each other while I waited for my Garlic Rice to finish…

The smell was insane. I had also earlier prepped some Pico de Gallo. The freshness and lemon juice twinge in the salsa are so essential to this dish… And Avocado because, because.

Now back to the tortilla off…

As much as I was excited to try the Caramelo tortillas… I was a little skeptical because the Burritos La Palmas are so good due to them having butter, and buttery flavor is hard to beat. But I found out it wasn’t just about the ingredients… The Caramelo ones were also remarkably thinner. They seemed to be about half cooked… so they puffed up quite a bit…


Burritos La Palma

But ultimately the taste test!

Caramelo’s torillas are remarkably thin and but still so sturdy. Very tasty but complimentary to all the flavors in the Frijoles Charros.

The Burritos la Palma Tortilla… Thin and super soft. As I expected the buttery flavor is there, which worked well with the entire dish. It certainly reminds you why you love tortillas.

Both made for wonderful tacos. Although Caramelo was an impressive tortilla, I give the edge to Burritos La Palma for the flavor… Still I want to try Caramelo’s Lard in hopes of it being a bit more flavorful. It’s another excuse for some good beans!


my god i really nailed it this weekend…

Golchin makes a white bean / garbanzo blend… soaked that. cooked it 75% of the way next day in some basic aromatics… strained out most of the water…

added a couple of brown sauteed onions, rehydrated guajillo peppers, bunch of garlic…

and then i went in with almost a pound of El Rey carnitas meat… with the cueritos. must repeat!


I saw that on IG and hoped you would elaborate. :wink: Thanks. I’m behind in reporting but have been into mixing beans lately and have sooo many dried garbanzos.

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OMG. I can only imagine how LUCIOUS those cueritos made that dish… Brilliant use!!

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How did I miss this post?! Excellent. :yum:

Flageolet Beans & Baked Jidori Chicken Thighs

Sautéed Carrot, Leeks, Garlic in Olive Oil & Duck Fat for about 5 minutes then added to beans and simmered in Chicken Stock & Water w/Marjoram, Thyme, Poultry Seasoning, Bay Leaf, White Pepper, Sea Salt for about 1.5hrs. About the last 10 minutes discarded the whole Carrot & bay leaf and added diced Carrots.

Topped w/Baked BISO Jidori Chicken Thighs, Caramelized Leeks, Roasted Garlic, Pan Sauce, squirt of Roasted Lemon, Black Pepper.

Doused crunchy bread with lotsa lemony chicken bean jus for some good soppin’…

There was wine…


Niiiiice :heart_eyes_cat:

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Thanks! :heart_eyes_cat:

yum yum… gimme sum. if i can make a suggestion, saute fennel bulb as well… mmm

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Ah yes! I’m a savory (not the plant) kinda gal, but I do have a fennel bean dish in mind. :slightly_smiling_face: TBC…

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fennel isnt sweet

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It’s the licorice-y flavor, which is weird because I like black licorice. I feel the same way about anise and tarragon. I will cook with fennel & star anise but absolutely loathe tarragon. What’s wrong with me?

i dont know… but you might be overthinking it a bit… the flavor you’re describing is so so muted when you cook it down. its almost as mild as cabbage with cooler texture and a hint of anise.

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Yes, that’s why I’ve been using fennel more because it has a different flavor profile when it’s cooked. I use it in my chicken stock. But in general it’s not my favorite flavor and that’s okay lol. I think everyone should cook how they want and with the ingredients they want. :wink:

That’s a ridiculous notion! Everyone should like what I like :woozy_face:

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Lol I do like everything you like! Mostly! :blush:

Fennel is great braised low and slow, becomes sweeter and the licorice thing tones down a lot

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I added some to my farm box order… and not just because it’s time to make stock. :wink:

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