Gabila's Knishes

I know Gabila’s knishes have been a topic of discussion here and/or on CH in the past…went lookin today and failed at Costco(MDR), Ralph’s(Barrington/Olympic, Bundy/Wilshire) anyone have the info for this NYC deli item?

Maybe silly question, but I presume ordering them online like just about everyone else is out of question?

Well, i know someone carries them out here…i’ll order from Yonah Schimmel if im gonna go that route!

I could have sworn I just saw them at Gelson’s a few months back. I know it doesn’t help immediately but next time I’m there I’ll check.

Hey Gr8pimpin, which Gelson’s?


I saw Gabila’s post on FB back in November about them shipping to COSTCO in SoCal. Those sold out fast!

Correction: I guess it’s actually Tarzana (Reseda Blvd)

Ok, was in the neighborhood of Gelsons so I went in to see if they had them.

Manager recalled having them at one time but they are not here anymore.

Sorry, I tried.

awesome gr8pimpin…i owe ya one! could be ordering from Yonah Schimmels!

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