Girl & the Goat

No idea why it’s two items, but they add up to the 4% for health and medical benefits specified on the menu.

Even visually on the computer, these dishes are a lot to look at. Wonder if this style of cooking was originally born out of the need to make less pristine ingredients taste good or is it just a desire to add more and more flavor. Majordomo definitely has dishes trying to be flavor bombs as well.

Anyway, definitely would like to try this LA location of G&G. I like that they carry some reasonably priced wines (< $20 at retail) too.


I’m sure this must’ve been discussed above, but you were able to walk in, or you had a reservation?

Bar is fairly large and open to walk-ins.
The three times I have been in there was seating available.
I don’t think you can walk in and get a table right now.

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I made a reservation.

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I have mixed feelings about this place. Everything we had tonight had good taste profiles but everything maybe with the exception of the goat liver had maybe too big bold flavors. It felt like it lacked finesse and refinement in the cooking. I don’t think a Michelin two star chef would serve any of these dishes.

FWIW Sergio was not in the house.

Having said that, the pork belly salad was our standout dish. Very southeast Asian influenced flavors with a Californian twist.

The tomato salad is a prime example of good flavor profile but too much flavor if that makes sense. I think it may have been over dressed but also, could have taken a notch down on the seasoning.

Pork shank was probably my 2nd favorite dish of the night.

The rest of the dishes


I think Sergio has returned to Chicago. I saw a few IG posts posted from there recently. Not sure if it’s permanent or a temporary thing.

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I love the food at G/G but it certainly is not minimalist - lots of bold flavors but, for me, they usually work out without burying each other.
The “breadspread” :rofl: program (crumpets, naan) is really strong.

Had that Pork Belly Salad last night for the first time and loved it.


Izzard posted on IG from Chicago on the 23rd, LA on the 25th, SF last Friday, Pasadena Sunday, and LA yesterday.

When compared to other local New or Modern American themed spots like Redbird, Majordomo, Birdie G.’s, Rustic Canyon, Kali and Vespertine, the flavor profiles and dish composition at Girl and the Goat are not as compelling IMHO, but for a sit down, the price point is friendly, dish execution is very good and I LOVE the fact the FOH aren’t “LA snooty” — hoping they stay that way and don’t get jaded.


Probably the most overrated new restaurant in LA today. Was totally underwhelmed with everything other than 1 maybe 2 dishes. It was all… fine, but absolutely nothing stood out.

The secret to their food is how much extra bread they have in every meal to stuff your stomach.

Goat Liver Mousse - Crumpets were… ok? A little doughy and not bad but I don’t think they added much to the mousse which was also just… ok.

Pork Belly salad. I liked this and probably one of the more enjoyable items bc of the freshnes compared to how rich everything else was.

Chickpea. Easily the best thing I ate. Bright bold flavors and had a uniqueness that was sadly lacking everywhere else.

Oysters. Nice but I believe it was 2 oysters for $16 and again… here comes the bread!

Grilled corn. Mediocre.

Pork shank. More mediocre. A nice amount of pork but similar to the mousse, nothing original or unique about anything besides again an inordinate amount of bread.

Popcorn Ice Cream. Umm, ok? A nice creative idea but didn’t exactly execute on flavors.

I just didn’t get this place. Absolutely nothing would motivate me to come back here and way closer to a. 3 star than a 5 star yelp review lol.


There are plenty of dishes for bread haters. Maybe they should put a warning symbol on the menu.

The chickpea dish I had was the least unique thing on the menu. It was straight-up chaat.

I think you just don’t like Izzard’s style.


please explain then to me which dishes you found amazing and would bring you back to eat their again. it’s glorified bar food.

Yeah I kinda agree with this. I had fun at girl and the goat but overall it isn’t for me.

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Which country’s bars are you talking about? It’s sure not like any pub grub I can think of.

the bar seating at most Top Chef-level eateries I guess.

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Since everyone is avoiding the question: please enlighten me on which dishes are so fantastic and amazing. Really, I’m all ears.

And Bar food is anything that purposely tries to fill you up with carbs at the sake of actual flavors and nuance. So nearly half of the menu at Girl Goat.

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You can read my review in this thread. I thought the pork belly salad was a standout and would definitely order again.

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You can see mine above too, but I really like the goat liver mousse, the tomato and stone fruit salad was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed the goat curry. The green beans might be one of my favorite vegetable dishes I’ve had in awhile.

I’ve been a few times and plan to continue going back, but I like this kind of chef-y food and I can get why others don’t.