Girl & the Goat

Can’t wait to eat the roasted pig face in LA.


I just read that. Great news. Love that place.

another one… these incursions are putting me off. i can’t even tell if i’m being rational or not… i want our local chefs to succeed and not out of towners expansions to come and take market share of a robust restaurant going base.



Awesome news. One of my regrets last time I was in Chicago was not getting to try this place.

I do kind of enjoy the rest of the country’s envy of LA’s food scene.

On the flip side, LA doesn’t seem to take kindly to carpetbaggers above the fast food/casual variety, which is why so many New York restauranteurs have failed when they saw LA as a money grab. They underestimate LA’s respect for terroir and original concept, and then blame Angelenos for not succeeding. Majordomo works because Chang is a New Yorker opening an LA restaurant, not a New Yorker expanding a New York restaurant in LA.

But I feel arts district can’t absorb so many of these restaurants so quickly. They’re all competing for the same patrons. They need to be spread out. Girl and Goat should think about opening near Majordomo instead. In the next year, arts district will have this restaurant, Enrique Olvera’s new concept, Jessica Largey’s concept, Bavel just opened up as well as Bestia and the rest that were already there. All in the same price range, appealing to the same patrons.


With the avalanche of restaurants currently planned and opening there, I do believe it is time to rechristen it the FArts district - how much actual art is there anyway?

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We took Amtrak from LA to Montreal, so fun, and stopped in Chicago just long enough to go to a museum and the girl and the goat. I will always remember the bread - one the best I have ever tasted.


Agree with your concerns. This was one of my favorites when I lived in Chicago for a little while a few years back, but I worry what worked there may not translate. Looking at their menu now, it seems that a lot of the dishes have remained the same - escargot ravioli, roasted cauliflower, pig face, pork shank, a couple goat dishes. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to eat those again, but what was innovative then isn’t so much anymore.

I also really appreciated their reasonable prices, which made it easy to sample a lot of their menu. But I can only assume the prices will be jacked up for LA rents and the LA scene, so a $50-60 meal in Chicago might become $70-80 here. That difference may not be huge for everyone but definitely makes it less accessible for me.

Stephanie Izard just posted that they are now hiring FOH managers

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I wonder if they are still planning on opening Girl & Goat in LA. Timing is terrible but I imagine they already invested in a build out.

Eater LA says they are still opening later this year.

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Stephanie just posted that it is opening in just under a month.


Reservations are live on OpenTable.

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Is the menu posted anywhere?

Have not seen the menu posted anywhere yet. First reservations are for mid July so expect to see a menu shortly.

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