Gjusta Italian cold cuts sandwich

First time at Gjusta today. Since I am 82 years old, I am not the typical Gjusta customer, but I went because I am always in search of the best Italian cold cuts sandwich. I was clearly the oldest person there by far—average age seemed to be 20-30. Sandwich is uber expensive at $17. BUT, it is by far the best Italian cold cuts sandwich I have ever had—great crisp roll, meats perfect and fillings on point. Well worth it! Puts Bay Cities and others to shame. Have not yet tried Heroic, but skeptical of it being on ciabatta roll.


Gjusta Gjusta Gjusta

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At 71 I’m frequently the oldest anywhere…but the young’uns treat me kindly :slight_smile:

Agreed. Best in LA by a large margin imo. If you like Philly style roast pork Italian sandwiches, give their porchetta melt a try too.

Btw, have you tried Uncle Paulie’s Deli? Not as good as Gjusta but my second favorite and definitely worth a try.

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Thanks, I will follow up on both of your suggestions.


Try Gwen in Hollywood’s grinder


That grinder is awesome always a hard choice between that and the meatball sandwich.

Also give uncle Paulie’s italian a try.