Grá (pizza place near DTLA)

Warrior: we’ve been to Grá five or so times. It is located between downtown and Echo Park. It is a nice place that I recommend. (We wouldn’t keep going back if it sucked.) I like all the salads (more than Peony does) and most of the pizzas. The flavors and overall style are distinctive, and everything tastes healthy. My favorite pizzas are the burrata + anchovy and the mushroom. The dessert of vegan chocolate mousse is good too.

Peony: Grá is a cute place with super nice waiters/waitresses. We ordered 3 salads and 3 pizzas plus one dessert. Overall the food tasted healthy and less salty than most places I have been to. I like the salads but they were not memorable. Their pizzas stood out more for me. I particularly like the thin crust as I personally find thick pizzas too doughy and bland. Flavor-wise, I like the mushroom as it is the most flavorful one. Very nice vegan dessert too—light and fluffy!


Warrior: we use terms like “good neighborhood restaurant” to reference restaurants that we don’t like that much but are nice options in the area. Gra is a good neighborhood restaurant that happens to be close to our neighborhood, so we go pretty often. I thought the vegan puttanesca pizza was much better than the white pizza, which lacked the sharpness or pungency to compensate for the honey. If you’re going to put honey on a pizza, you need blue cheese, or at least something sharp like aged parmigiano.

Peony: good neighborhood restaurant. This meal wasn’t their best. Since I am one of the very few people not really into pizzas, I think Warrior may enjoy it more than me.

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According to their IG, they have a new speakeasy-style wine bar. You enter through what looks like a vending machine.