Great Jewish rye bread in the South Bay?

I’m having Montreal smoked meat shipped in for my Dad’s 75th in July but I need to find a great rye to match. I could drive anywhere in LA if I have to, but any suggestions in the South Bay?

I think everyone is going to suggest Langer’s if you can drive anywhere and it’s a special occasion.

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Langer’s buys theirs from Fred’s.

I’ve always read that Langer’s got theirs from Bea’s Bakery in Tarzana. On another note, Costco sells a very good rye bread; two loaves for under five bucks. It really is surprisingly good!

For decades, Langer’s has been buying rye bread from Fred’s Bakery on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. This is handmade, Jewish-style rye “made the way my dad thought it should be,” Langer says. For a few years following the namesake baker’s death, Langer took his business elsewhere to get the quality he was looking for. But now “their product now is what it was 40 years ago,” and Langer is happily buying from Fred’s once more. … The bead is famously double baked. The first bake happens at Fred’s. When it arrives at Langer’s, it is re-baked at 350 degrees for half an hour. The whole bread loaves are kept in warming drawers until it’s time to slice them.

Good to know. Thanks!

How is “Jewish rye” different from other/regular?

Jewish delis usually use corn rye.


Catholiver -

Growing up, the only rye bread I had was corn rye. But my parents just called it rye bread.

So it was quite a shocker when I had a sandwich on rye bread at a non-deli restaurant and - what the heck?!!! Blander, softer, no crunchy crust.

BTW, if you ever have a chance, do try what I have nicknamed “The Jewish Power Bar.” A slice of corn rye, buttered with sweet butter, a slice of swiss or havarti cheese, fresh cracked pepper. Wraps well, highly portable, good for hours and just what you need when you need it.

BTW, for moreplease? Used to be that the west LA trader joes got their corn rye form Diamond Bakery on Fairfax (and it’s excellent.) You might want to call your local TJ’s and ask…


If you’re in Santa Monica and want Bea’s, Bob’s Market on Ocean Park gets some of Bea’s goods delivered almost daily.

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