Great NY Noodletown -anybody been?

We’re going to be staying in Brooklyn in a couple of months and will certainly be traveling ‘around.’ Has anyone been here and have an opinion? TIA.

I’m a fan. Their salt baked soft shell crabs are excellent, but unfortunately they won’t be in season during your visit. Probably the salt baked squid or shrimp are just as good. I also like the noodle soups, and the last time I was there, I sat at the same table with a young Chinese kid who was eating a fish fillet with what looked like creamed corn. He called it “grandma food.” 'Cause you don’t need teeth to eat it. Looked pretty good to me! Even though I have all my teeth.

Thanks so much. Maybe we can share a meal. Who knows? We haven’t been to NYC in a couple of years so are SO looking forward to it.

It’s currently closed.

I believe that was the fish maw and crab soup with an egg white slurry.

Thanks for that, ipse.

I think he might’ve ordered off menu. Looked like this.

This place is a NYC Chef after hours hangout

That’s cool. Hopefully it reopens.

Sure, that’d be great.

Even if they’ve reoponed, I’d rather go to Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles down the block on Bowry.

I like Food Sing 88 more better. (Or whatever it’s called now.)

I’m loving this dialogue! Thanks.

I believe it’s “Noodle Q” now.

Their version of Zhia Jiang Mian is interesting. Not my cup of tea (or noodles) but it is interesting.

Do not get me started on hand-pulled noodle soup with seafood. I will bore you to tears. I bore myself.

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Yes! That’s it.

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