Great Rice Dishes

Had the Arroz Verde at Tallula’s last night and all three of us LOVED it.
It is toasted green rice, farmers market vegetables, herbs, aji amarillo aioli - had both a really nice spice level and a smokiness. Rice was as crunchy as a really great paella - maybe crunchier.

What are your favorite rice dishes in town?


I like the heirloom black rice at Lukshon. Like it a lot more if they would turn down that horrible soundtrack, or even better, change it.

Any porridge from Porridge + Puffs

Risotto at Officine Brera

Kurogoma mochi at Minamoto Kitchoan

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Second that risotto!

Not sure if it counts, but I love a good Persian tahdeeg with ghormeh sabzi on top. Great sharing dish. I always grab one when at Raffi’s to split with others as a side to their great kabob. Speaking of which, their cherry rice is quite bomb dot com.


squid ink chahan, white rice, squid, pork belly, cherry tomatoes, jaloro chili



shrimp paste fried rice with mackerel


tamago scramble, bone marrow sushi rice, Japanese pickles, arare


uni risotto


Lamb biriyani from Zam Zam
Nasi Goreng Jagger at Simpang Asia
Koshihikari rice dish at Fishing with Dynamite
House paella at La Española Meats


The Posole with pork feet and intestine is tasty as well

How is Jeweled Crispy Rice at Kismet?

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Belizean Fish Market-Beans and Rice

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Excellent! I’ll let a @Chowseeker1999 report deal with the important details, but the rice has a nutty, toasted flavor and the egg yolk makes a rich sauce under the crust. Good stuff.


I still like zam zam’s biryani… always eat by hand as per my Uzbek roots.

really enjoyed some Arabic rice with chicken and eggplant called Maqluba at our farmer’s market and wonder what that is like at a proper restaurant.


Tahdig at Javan (no longer).

The black rice at AOC.

Crispy rice from a Thai place in NoHo, the name of which eludes me right now (edit: I think it was Sri Siam! Thanks, @Nemroz).

Soboro rice at Takuma (it is not a technically amazing dish but is simply really homey and comforting).

If they get enough sauce to soak through, I like the rice portion of the pork tonkatsu bowl at Kaido better than I like the actual pork itself…

yea, my girl brings me that crispy rice salad from Sri Siam. we’ve had it at Luv2Eat and at Night Market and prefer Sri Siam’s

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I still love the shrimp fried rice at DTF.

In Vegas the Nam Kao Tod at Lotus of Siam is wonderful.

Zereshk polo at Shamshiri.


Love the crispy rice salad Sqirl. Plus cute dogs.

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Nigiri cannot survive without shari.

Honmaguro akami, Mori Sushi…


Longonisa garlic rice with fried egg and spam from rice bar is a mighty good lunch