Greetings + LA Questions:

Hello FTC!

It took me long enough, but I’ve managed to find my way over with a little help from the Hungry Onion board, where I posted the following topic:

BTW, I’m glad to see that the action is swinging in this subforum!

I wanted to follow-up on my question linked above re. LA Chapter… y/n?

I’m hip to other brunching high-marks in DTLA from Ledlow to GCM, but I’m just curious how reliable the Ace Hotel’s kitchen is? Any good/bad/indifferent experience lately?

Second, can anyone offer some feedback on Marlowe Bar in W.Hollywood; both relating to food and drink?

I’ve had it on my radar since it opened last year and I can’t recall seeing much, if anything, in the way of discussion on the usual forums. No results coming up in old CH searches either… Just wondering if that’s a warning?


I’m also looking for an in-law-free dinner suggestion for the night of our arrival. We’ll be blowing straight in on the 5 (can this weekend get any better?) and with the distance and hours, I’d like to not stray too far from the hwy. Anything from N.LA to Fullerton, I guess - I’ll offer a strict 15 min. leeway for a detour in any direction; ideally less. I’m not looking to drag out the driving time any longer. Anything goes food-wise; preferably under $60 a head. Stiff drinks are a plus.

This is a separate request from my OC food inquiry, just to clarify.

Thanks very much for any input and I’m glad to have stumbled over here.


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Also, the question concerning LA Chapter is for an entirely different weekend; in case that wasn’t obvious. :wink:

I would try to get a ticket at playground 2.0. I also second taco maria.


I think you mean Harlowe? Great place to drink, especially fun when they have a djs, can be quite a scene with loads of young people. Food is fairly average. Been going from time to time since they opened.

haven’t been to LA chapter. have you considered le petit paris for brunch?

Woops, did I type Marlowe? Roughly the same era anyhow…

Yes, Harlowe’s the place. What’s the scene like? DJs on weekend, presumably; do they play to the ambiance at least?

I love what I’ve seen of the design and '30s Hollywood “theme”; glad to know the drinks are good and we’ll steer clear of the food. :ok_hand:

I haven’t, but I’m looking into it right now; thanks!

I’d still be curious to get input from anyone who’s been recently. The pics on yelp look pretty good.

There’s a whole bunch of great beer in Anaheim! And beer, I hear, has the magic ability to make even the dullest of in-laws tolerable. Of course you might have to double check that rumor at…

The Bruery (Placentia) - sours, Belgians, and barrel aged beers
Noble (Anaheim) - spectacular IPAs
Bottle Logic (Anaheim) - all around excellent
Good Beer Co (Anaheim) - funky & sour light Belgian styles
Barley Forge (Costa Mesa) - coconut stout & DIPA
Chapman Crafted (Orange) - good hoppy beers

… among others. I think I’d personally rank them in that order, but it all depends on your preferences.


salazar for outdoor dining, drinks, tacos and pork chops.





Thanks again!

It’s the same prohi shit everyone’s going for… the owners own several other cool bars in LA. djs play a big variety… goes into straight up dance club hip hop late… this place is so busy that you’re not going to get any particular attention to your drinks. .just average… so i just order a bourbon and a beer back … Roger Room drinks are much nicer imo.


And if you have time magpies for dessert.


Add Four Sons, in Huntington Beach.

The Ranch is fabulous and just a few minutes off the Ball exit from the 5 freeway. They offer solid steaks and chops. Their bread service is terrific…with 7 different options sent to your table. The wine list and bar program is solid. We’ve always had great meals there…and oftentimes, lucky enough to not need a reservation.

Kawamata Seafood in Dana Point for poke. Check the hrs b/c I think they close relatively early.


Welcome to the neighborhood!

I will second The Ranch. Their cowboy rib steak is one of the best I’ve ever had.

Taco Maria is outstanding. In the same center, you can also stop for oysters at Shuck, and Pueblo has great sharable small plates.

Playground 2.0 is an invite-only deal, and I’m not sure how to get tickets if you’re not on their list. It’s precursor, Playground, is also very good.

I’ve heard great thnings about Vaca in Costa Mesa. We’re going Friday night, and I can’t wait.

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playground 2.0 is open to anybody. tickets still available for the holiday weekend.

Pics from my trust dinner last year:


Good to know. Thanks. We were invited onto their mailing list after our first dinner at Playground. I wasn’t aware that they had opened it up. I will stop spreading that piece of disinformation.

I’d add Legends to the mix. We went there on a brewery tour last week and it was phenomenal. The Bruery is indeed fantastic but most of their sours and barrel aged beers are 10%+ ABV with many over 15%+.

The other thing I’d mention is the temperature in each of the breweries if its hot out.
The Bruery (Placentia) - very good AC
Noble (Anaheim) - no AC
Bottle Logic (Anaheim) - smallish room with ok AC
Legends (Anaheim) - ok AC
Bootleggers (Fullerton) - no AC
Haven’t been to Good Beer, Barley Forge, Chapman


Thanks again for all of the great feedback!

Our plans have changed for the better since last night… we’re no longer staying in Anaheim nor are we driving the I5, thankfully! Long story short - our close friend, savior, and true American hero has offered us her beautiful 1930’s apartment off Retro Row in Long Beach for the entirety of the weekend, since she’ll be trading cities with us for the holidays; car and garage included! I’ve just cancelled our dismal hotel in Anaheim along with the Avis rental and I booked roundtrip fare on Jetblue for the equivalent or less than what this trip would have otherwise cost us. Phew!

So here’s the new requirements, according to my wife:

Dinner for a party of 7, under $50 p/p, in any of the following cities:
Anaheim, Laguna, Newport, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Corona del Mar, Orange

Thanks so much everyone!