Guy's in Uptown NOLA

So my decision on po boy places to try was based on where we happened to be. I had wanted to try Parkway but we didn’t get a chance to get over there. Very, very luckily, we go to go to Guy’s. It was a strange day, that Halloween, that included finding a body floating in the Mississippi while walking through Audubon Park.

We got to Guy’s around 1:30 and the place was packed. There was not a seat available. We ordered and then a table cleared out, so we were able to sit. The wait was long. Quite a few folks were getting take-out, and some of the orders were pretty large, so that might have made the wait longer than usual.

I ordered a small fried shrimp with all the fixings. Husband ordered the fried catfish, small, with all the fixings. It took long time to get the po boys, so be prepared to wait.
Fried shrimp po boy. The shrimp and catfish was friend perfectly, not greasy at all. Heaven!

The small was so big all I could eat was half, and it was loaded with shrimp!! This is the half that was left, of which I took one shrimp out to add to the half that I was eating, so not a fair picture to show. It really was loaded!

this is the catfish

I couldn’t believe how big a small sandwich was at Guy’s! When I jokingly said the sandwich was a large, Marvin, the owner and chief cook, laughed and said ‘where have you been eating? you’ve been getting ripped off.’


Don’t know Guy’s but looks good.
You sure did get around!