Hakata Izakaya Hero ToGo

Hero is doing some wonderful Bentos (and anything else you want to order). His flavors are so spot-on, even after a short trip home.
He also will do his pork or intestine Shabu Shabu To-Go.
As J_L likes to say: Highly recommended

We got:

Ebimayo Bento

Jidori fried Chicken Bento

Yaki Champon (Tonkatsu Miso Soup that come with the Bentos, seen in this shot)

Bentos included a small green salad, soup rice with mentaiko, potato mentaiko salad, scallion omelet and sake or miso marinated vegetables (wonderful, almost like “cold oden”).


Lots of other good stuff that can be had to go:

Yakiniku (cook it yourself at home)

$75 preorder atemori set

and their motsu nabe (minimum 2 orders, 1 order feeds one person $20 each) is also available to go (you heat it up yourself at home).


Is that ankimo at 3 O’clock?

Atemori Party set in this other post:

Aburi Salmon Tamago Salad
Bluefin tuna zuke
Bluefin tuna Yukke with Crackers
Horumon karaage
Fried gyoza
Jidori karaage
Teba Gyoyaki (must be the stuffed chicken wings gyoza)
Yaki Chanpon
House made vinegared konbu
Mentaiko Potato Salad
Seared mentaiko
Takana (pickled mustard leaf)
House pickles


I knew I wan’t spelling it “right?!”

Interchangeably used depending on where you are from … like some locals pronounce Shinbashi (Japanese) vs Shimbashi (for international spelling and pronounciation).

From Google Fu Trip Advisor: Shinbashi’s “N” is spelled as “ん” in Japanese alphabet, hiragana. When “N” is before a consonant, it can be pronounced as “M”.


We did the Pork Shabu Shabu this weekend.
Loved it. Really good for a family hunkering down - dinner and entertainment

The Set Up
They provide you with the Hot Plate if you don’t have one.
I should have taken the plastic tray-top off AND THEN TAKEN PICS, but there was lots of cabbage, carrots, scallions and button-mushrooms and great tasting thin sliced pork.
The container in the lower left is the noodles. Ponzu also included. Tonkatsu broth is lovely with the meat, veg and noodles


With this statement, I see new neuronal synapses being formed - Great learning point for all us takeout paparazzi out there! :smiley:


Is there a takeout menu somewhere? I see the picture of the handwritten one but can’t find a web presence other than that.

Hero will make anything (that he has ingredients for) from the regular menu, or whatever dishes you can see on his Instagram or Yelp. The phone may not be the best way to reach him - try an Instagram message if no answer.
He sent me these pics when I enquired at the start of the shutdown, but now I know he is doing a lot more dishes. And he’s got some larger format dishes for the whole fam (Atemori set, Shabu Shabu with pork or pork intestine).
The bottom shot is the curry bento.
He also has a sukiyaki with homemade (I think) matcha soba.







Or macha

Izakaya Hero just launched an Online ordering site: https://izakayahero.com/

Bento boxes here I come!!!