Happy 4/20! Celebrate with homemade canna-butter (L.A. Times)


The future is now.


What’s the point of all that?


I think people make brownies. Not my kind of food, but I never imagined I’d see a recipe like that in th Los Angeles Times.

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But you don’t need to go through all that mishegas to make pot brownies. You just put ground up marijuana in the brownie batter. Or if you’re really lazy, you smoke some pot and eat a brownie you bought at the bodega. Voila.

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We’re old school @small_h. But that’s how they’re doing it now. It works well… I hear. :relaxed:


It’s also Hitler’s birthday.


So there’s that…

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Lol… and two of my beloved family members… there’s that too.

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Now you’re talkin’!

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If I have the chance to try one of these fancy-pants new 4/20 brownies, I’ll be sure to report back. But I wouldn’t go to the trouble of making my own.

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As I recall, THC is lipid soluble. Thus the need for butter or oil to release the active ingredient. Eating dope untreated don’t get you buzzed.

Then again, the oils in the batter may suffice to release the thc.

So I’m told.

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Yup. A close friend was making this butter for the medical marijuana industry in LA. It was used for baked goods - mostly brownies - and yes, powerful stuff.

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Here is Mario Batali’s recipe, in which the marijuana is added to the melting butter. I’ve never actually made them myself. I’m not 100% sure I’ve ever made brownies of any kind, since I don’t like them that much. So my recipe information is mostly based on secondhand accounts from other people.

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I made them once a looong time ago. We just sprinkled it in the batter, and that worked just fine.

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