Happy upcoming New Year to all from the Nemroz family

Hope you eat well today and drink even better. Wishing you all a joyful 2019.

We don’t get to be with our armenian / russian clan tonight since we decided to be with friends at midnight but we still wanted to have the classics and some treats and went a bit nuts for lunch.

chardonnay we brought from burgundy,
foiegras torchon from epicurusgourmet smokedsalmon and redcaviar
holodets / meatsinaspic terrine
lamb manti, khachapuri
salo / lardo
Jamon iberico de bellota a friend brought from Sevilla .

Not sure how we top NYE lunch next year

Our people’s idea of appetizers. Russian tapas of sorts


Wow! Happy New Year to you too

Happy New Year! Looks delicious!

Looks and sounds amazing! Happy New Year to you and your fam!

What are the mortar and pestle for?

That is a celebration! Na zdraví and happy New Year!

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Just salt. Pink salt grinder broke.

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