Hatchet Hall - Fuss & Feathers

Any reports?

I’m done with Hatchet Hall for now. Way too much turnover with FOA and kitchen, resulting in a stressed and inept staff.

I’m not planning on returning any time soon, despite that space being a regular spot of ours since even Waterloo & City.

I DO like Ginger’s Divine Ice Creams, across the street from Hatchet Hall. Best strawberry ice cream currently in the city,

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It is! And they had a very good peach ice cream. I think you’re the one that alerted us all to that.

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That explains why it was drama boy’s favorite restaurant.

What’s FOA?
This is sad to read. We loved our first visit but it has been 3 or 4 years.

I’m guessing it was meant to say front of house (FOH). I think the chef here is part owner so I wouldn’t worry too much about staff turnover.

Are there serious issues with the food? Because I’ve been wanting to go back, even canceled a res recently.

Recent Yelp reviews are excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to go personally.

The food is still excellent, but the kitchen timing has been off.

I suppose the main annoyance is that I’m tired of having to introduce myself to new servers, bartenders and hostesses every time I haven’t been there for a few weeks.

If I’m going to be a regular, you’d think after five years someone would remember I like pisco sours, but not raw onions. :womans_hat:

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got it thanks. this weighs 0 on my interest in attending lol.


Here you go