Haute Mess - Beverly Grove

This place just opened this week. It’s next door to Noree Thai. It’s basically a bakery and charcuterie with interesting gourmet items and a fair selection of wines. It’s a beautiful build-out in a relatively small space. I had their fried egg, bacon and avocado sandwich which was perfectly delicious.
Their pastries looked very pretty and I had hoped to buy one of their baguettes, but they were too pale for my taste.
A lot of money has been sunk into this; I hope they make it.

7673 Beverly Blvd.


Great name!

popped in a couple of times while going to Noree before but today we sat down to eat because Noree was a bunker with take-out only window that nobody seemed to want to answer.

Fantastic bread and cold cuts. Selection of premium prosciuttos. A coffee shop. A wine shop. A cheese shop and an import shop. Blow away at how the space is being used…

my italian sandwich was insane with the airy bread… kid’s cheeseburger was really good too

sandwich is way bigger than it looks. .i only hate half.

undeniable level of models walking around and in since it’s the erewhoN block. Ain’t hating on that.


i’m here almost daily…great shop

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The Sopresatta and Finocchiona are top notch


Just figuring out that the folks at Della Terra opened this place. Maybe it warrants for me to check out the restaurant again because our 1 visit some 5 years ago was uneventful

Prosciutto Panino is very nice if you skip the arugula nonsense. Would be much too distracting, get it on the side you :goat:

Can sit in the nice wrap around area if Della Terra next door