Hawkins House Of Burgers?

Is this an institution? Just saw it on eater’s list of for burgers.


They are what Locol is trying to be now. And can only hope to be someday.

Which is what, you ask?

A local institution in Watts that has real community ties, and the respect and love of the people that live in the 'hood.

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and burgers good too? besides their social contribution.

They make big burgers. Whether they are good or not really depends on how big of a glutton you are.

I’ve been searching for this elusive joint from lethal weapon

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often in movies and t.v. they change the signage of a business, or build/bring a fake business.
fast eddies may have never existed.

It probably was not a real place.

If you look at the picture you can tell the signage is a prop, but that was a real hamburger stand. I might of very well eaten there back in my high school days, but I can’t remember it. Wienermobile seems to be real good at remembering restaurants, and fast food stands for that matter, from the 60’s and 70’s. Maybe he will chime in.

Hawkins makes a great classic cheeseburger, and deserves to be on that list.

The location may drive some people away because it is right across from Nickerson Gardens.

I also heard there is a pretty good mariscos place just east of it.

Fast Eddie’s 11274 Chandler Blvd, North Hollywood. Not there anymore.

As well as sets, as I thought this was, most shows, movies, and commercials have talented food stylists. Most of them are very good cooks as well.

How does Hawkins compare to Fred’s downhome?

apples to oranges. Fred’s Downhome is known for turkey burgers. The better Q is: How does Hawkins compare to Mom’s Burger. Answer: it doesn’t.

good to know, because i had mom’s and didn’t like it. was mad i made the drive.

I went here once due to the yelp praise. As much as I wanted to like it, it was just… greasy and overfilled with toppings. The meat itself was nothing special and the sanitary conditions left a lot to be desired. Try it once if you want but with so many great burgers in the LA metro area I fail to see the appeal of this place on the food alone.

I had this burger over the weekend. It was delicious! Blew mom’s and freds out of the water. It tasted more like Fred’s to me, but with higher quality ingredients. Not saying it had high quality ingredients, saying they were higher in quality and fresher than Freds.

Awesome burger. I got a normal sized one, mine wasn’t greasy. Place was packed and not so well run, but next time, if there is a next time( not sure I will go back for many reasons) I will do a phone order. Took longer to get my drink than it took to get my meal.

Staff was very nice and working hard. I agree with mr yumyum regarding the sanitary conditions. after waiting so long for my drink I got a chance to look around. not good…

definitely will stick with Mo Better burgers.


Was that the place that had The Reno Burger, The Vegas Burger, etc., It was near the fire station?

They have been around for 25-30 years or more, used to be at Fairfax and Pico. Good Burger, Good People. Hawkins is about the extreme, with pastrami, hot link, chili, egg, bacon, etc.