Heading to Seattle next week. Any recs?

As above, we’re going to be there for two weeks and while visiting “grands” is the priority :slight_smile: we always love our meals out. Anything moderately priced? TIA.

Oysters, lots of oysters :yum:.

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Unfortunately this question is awfully broad. I’d suggest taking a look at some of the older Chowhoud posts and also Eater. There is almost no activity from Seattle on this Board. Cookie said oysters which are definitely abundant but not necessarily moderately priced. If oysters are desired try some of the Happy Hours that have them. Taylor Shellfish is one of the largest purveyors and offhand I know that Anchovies and Olives has an Oyster Power Hour.

Yeah, I know. Just looking to establish a convo. I’ll definitely report back.

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Good tip about the price of oysters in Seattle. They are one of the most overpriced items on any menu. But Seatlle restaurateurs should be ashamed of themselves, overcharging for something local.

Anyway, what I liked about ordering oysters in Washington, is being able to order them pan fried (lightly floured). If you try to order them that way anywhere else, they coat them in batter and dunk them in the deep fryer. Great for a clam :yum:. But it’s a terrible way to treat an oyster.

Across from Pike Place Market, in the alley, is a fantastic place, Pike Place Chowder…mother of all Gods, this is da :bomb:
Seafood, Clam, Salmon chowder…all of it is beyond sublime.

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Thanks. Good to know. Last trip we ate at Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bay, also up an alley. While the main drag was mobbed (as usual) this place wasn’t and we liked it very much. We also love Matt’s in the Market.

Rather than start a new thread, I’ll add to this.

Since it’s so close to our place, we always hit Elliott Bay Brewery on Lake City Way.


Everything we’ve had has been super. Just yesterday we shared their fish and chips. The photo is a half order that they split without our asking.

I’m not a beer drinker but they have a VERY large selection and Bob enjoys working his way through them.

Highly recommend.

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We eat here just about every trip and now always get their fish and chips. Theirs are the best. Still and again. Again this was a half order…and we took fries home to reheat.