Heart-healthy sitdown restaurant? Westside, please

A friend of mine had a heart attack a few months ago. He’s doing fine (or as fine as one can, after such an episode). He’d like to go out to eat for dinner, presumably at a place that’s not fast casual. And I think non-fast casual places normally don’t have the heart-healthy symbol on their menu. I assume all restaurant food is going to have a ton of salt (and a fair amount of fat).

Is there any place or cuisine that would be the least-bad option? A place that has a good selection of salads would probably be nice, but I can’t think of a sit down place for that. Maybe sushi?

Santa Monica/Venice strongly preferred.

Thanks, as always.


gjelina and gjusta have gjood salads


Lulu at The Hammer (Westwood): Farm-to-table, Alice Waters-style.
Only the Wild Ones (Venice): Natural wine bar with plant-based menu.

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I’d phone some restaurants that sound appealing (Rustic Canyon?) and ask about accommodating the particular dietary restrictions you’re looking for (low-sodium, low-fat?)


Can’t vouch for quality, but if I recall A Votre Sante is intended to be healthy.

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I was going to suggest Rustic Canyon as well -not that they never use butter (might not want to order the pork chop, which is yummy but…rich) but they focus a lot on veg, lots of fermentation

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Fermented things are probably out for a low-salt diet.

Shojin might be an option.

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If your friend is open to eating grilled and unseasoned fish or poultry with fresh lemon on the side, that’ll prolly meet the :heart: healthy requirement. Steamed plain veggies or plain salad with dressing on the side or self dressed with oil and vinegar.

The question is which Westside resto is willing to make modifications if they don’t offer such choices already.

I called Kiriko Sushi today about New Year’s Osechi dishes (they’re only doing dine-in, no takeout for the New Year’s Day menu), but I was impressed the owner chef Ken-san actually answered the phone. I suggest calling Kiriko Sushi and asking them about :heart: healthy dishes they can offer to your friend. https://www.kirikosushi.com/

One would think Watergrill or Santa Monica Seafood would be good, but I have no idea if they do dietary modifications.

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Forgot to add that friend was planning to pay for dinner. While he can afford a good amount, I decided to go w/ a Rustic-Canyon group restaurant, Milo and Olive, since I assumed it’d be a half step cheaper.

Aside from the brussel sprouts (as is the case so often, there was bacon + bacon fat), there was enough veg for him at M+O, I think. Whatever prep they were using for the cauliflower this past week was particularly delicious. I can’t remember what wine we ordered, but we had the same server during our last visit, and he makes EXCELLENT recs. And, no, I didn’t catch his name. :frowning:

I had actually asked friend several wks ago what his diet was like, and he didn’t respond to that. At the dinner, I learned that he apparently eating next-to-no fat at home, which means he’s avoiding foods that just naturally have a lot of fat in them (so no avocados!!!). And no cheese. And I guess not much (or any?) olive oil, either. So I sort of wonder if he didn’t answer on purpose b/c his diet is, like, SUPER restrictive, and he just wanted the group to enjoy dinner. He recently went to someone else’s b-day dinner at Majordomo, so I daresay that Milo and Olive was safer for him. :wink:

Sushi or grilled fish would probably a good option in the future, although I don’t know if he likes sushi. And he’d just be eating a main since I think most cooked restaurant-prepped veg won’t be consistent w/ what he’s doing at home. Can’t recall there being a ton of grilled fish options at SM Seafood; will check the menu for Watergrill later.

Maybe our next outing will be wine + fruit at my place. :wink:

Thanks, all, for the recs.