Helloooooo? Hui, Anyone There?

Just checking in… Where are all the PNW posters? CH is dead, HO is slow, too.

Where you at?

PNW has always been sort of dead even during Chowhound’s halcyon days.

If one were a glass half-full kind of FTC-er, they might say those Portlanders are too busy eating to post.

If one were a glass half-empty Chowhound, they might say that those Portlanders were never all into eating to begin with.

Hi, ipse:

You are right that PNW on CH was always moribund. But, Greater Seattle on CH was always more active in toto than all 3 of CH, HO, and FTC are combined now.

I’m concluding there has been a general fall-off. It’s too bad FTC has only caught on in the People’s Republic of California.


Hello from Portland

For me, I used to be an avid post-from-work type Chowhound, which was fine at my previous job. But ad agency life doesn’t allow for much daily downtime!

In any case, I hope to post more these days.

Mr Taster