Help, Dinner Near LAPD HQ/Doubletree by Hilton Tomorrow Night?

Need a place for a mixed family group of maybe 8 or 9 folks ranging from 21 to 90 years old grandma (who likes comfortable restaurants but does not enjoy Japanese but likes Indian cuisine). Couple of veggie eaters too. I see Redbird, The Edison and Badmaash (only one that I’ve been to). Any other places that I should consider? Please save me from the Yardhouse that someone suggested, Thanks!

Do you have a price range in mind?

Redbird would work, and if that’s within your price range, maybe consider a place like Cafe Pinot, Water Grill, Drago and WP24

I would also look at Traxx (at Union Station), depending on their menu (which changes frequently) it might fit your criteria.


Cafe Pinot is a good option for a large party. And the food isn’t bad either. Water Grill is another good option as well.

Hi ipsedixit!
Price range not too important ($40-$80 entrees plus apps and sides are fine, $200+ steaks not so much!) but attire must not be too stuffy, no suits and ties or fancy dresses for the women, some folks flying in may be in tactical uniforms or other fairly casual attire.
Mainly I just want delicious chow (can I still say that?) and granny wants attentive professional service. Also once cars are parked at hotel, walking distance to restaurant is a big plus (granny is feisty and can handle 2 or 3 blocks)!

Officina Brera worked well for our family with a similar profile.

Hope that helps!

Well thanks to all who made suggestions, checked most of the restaurants suggested and a couple of others suggested by a friend for available reservations by direct phone call and the opentable app but there was nothing available on such short notice. We ended up at Bar Ama, tried for 7 PM which was not available and as I was about to give up I was told that they could seat us at 7:45, in the words of Borat: “Great success!” Next time I’ll book earlier.
My 1/2 order of Duck Carnitas and Patatas Bravas were quite good, uh very good actually! The server was professional, had a beautiful smile and so grandma was quite happy. Everyone at our table enjoyed their meal and when we walked back to the hotel were ‘entertained’ by the loud but peaceful BLM protest march as they headed N on Spring St. towards L.A. City Hall.

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