Help me make strawberry cupcakes

I know how to make vanilla ones do I just add blended strawberries to the mix? or should I juice the strawberries?

If you put fresh strawberries in cake batter, the milk needs to be reduced accordingly. This was probably tested:

Thank you. Do people still sift flour? Why should I not skip this step?

The amount of flour in a cup will vary a lot depending on how fluffy or packed it is. Sifting makes it more consistent. If you don’t have a sifter, stir it up to get it fluffy and avoid compacting it while measuring.

That’s why professional bakers use weight instead of volume.

I have my mother’s sifter but one can also use a sieve.

That scale is one of the best kitchen things we’ve ever bought.

Even if you weight your flour you should still sift. you are adding a secret ingredient -air to help keep the cupcakes light. Of course you don’t have to but it is a point of refinement


I’ve been itching to make this - or find someone to make it for me:

There might be something in the comments about using the batter in cupcakes, or maybe one of the bakers here could guide you on that?

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