Help me out with Night + Market Song

I live in the neighborhood and drive by it every night on my way home. It is packed every night often with a crowd of people waiting outside the doors. It also seems to be a big favorite for many of you guys. However, the one time I went, I left thinking what is the big deal with this place. Nothing in particular was all that good and left me scratching my head a bit. The meal was so unforgettable that I dont’ even remember what we ordered.

So I want to try it again with your help. What do I need to order to get the best experience here? Do I need to go with a bigger group in order to sample a larger variety? My experience was with just my wife and I believe we ordered 4 dishes to try as much as we could.

When was your visit?

I would say roughly 6-8 months ago it when it really became THE restaurant in Silverlake (and beyond), the kitchen suddenly had no idea how to work at full capacity, and the quality too a nosedive for a long while. I stopped going, but just went back last week, and found that they seem to have finally tightened up.

Personally, I think you really MUST try their version of panang curry with extra roti. Also, a version of khao soi, I actually think the king oyster mushroom and tofu vegan version is the best one oddly enough.

The Isaan sausages tend to be incredible, as are the larb meatballs. I’d also give the “secret” chicken sandwich a run, or at least order some of the fried chicken with insect dip. It’s remarkably tasty.

The grilled pork toro or fatty pig neck is sensational. I’ve had it so many times I almost forgot to recommend it. Going along with that, the Startled Pig may be one of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten anywhere, but also had that way too many times to count… I can never decide between these two so always just double up on the pork haha

The bangkok mallp pasta is wonderful when they do it right…I’ve had some awful, bland versions when they were too busy, but if they are back to making it right, it’s a hell of unique thai dish with great noodles that seem more Italian in texture, and spices that are devilishly raucous.

The jungle curry can also pack a similar wallop, but have an immense depth of flavor to it when they do it right.

And order off the specials…I’ve eaten peanut butter and jelly pork rice off their specials menu before…sometimes they’re completely insane, and make for the wildest imaginable memories.

If you order half of these things, and especially if you order the panang and still hate it, then I think you can officially say that the place is just not cooking for your palette, and just ignore the rest of us haha No worries, there is tons of Thai in this town after all.

We have enough variety in this city that people can mean wildly different things when they even say “I like thai food” haha So I have no way of knowing if you would necessarily like any of the dishes I am recommending here… I like sour, spicy, sweet, salty Thai food mostly. Other people really like the more earthy, funky, pungent side of it for example (though I always got the lu suk when they offerred it), and some people like the more delicate, soft, sweet, and comforting flavors of simple thai dishes like pad se ew, pad thai, etc… (Night Market’s pad thai sucks though as far as I can tell, but their pad se ew is actually pleasant, though not particularly special compared to their other dishes).

I’m rambling now, but if I was going to order just 4 dishes at Night Market I would go and order:

Panag with extra roti
Sai Krok Isan (sour sausage)
Startled Pig
Bangkok Mall Pasta

This would give you a fairly large range of what they are doing, from the uber fatty, sweet side to the intensely sour, to the blended meaty, herbacious, and unique pasta with funk and heat assaulting you somewhat.

Get some coconut rice to go with it all, and done deal I say.

But that’s just me.

The other, not to be named website,, has locked this post so what is truly going on?

I had previously posted an “X restaurant closed due to health violations” notice and got this

Chowhound is a great place to discuss where to find deliciousness, but when it comes to serious issues like health violations (or issues that create health violations), we’re not a reliable source for information. Even when the conversation is based on an actual health department report, there tends to be a lot of speculation, and the information shared quickly becomes out of date as problems are corrected and restaurants re-inspected.

We think it’s really important for people to turn directly to the Health Department in their area for this kind of info – they’re keeping the information accurate, complete, and up-to-date, which is something we can’t ensure. Because of that, we keep this whole area of discussion off the table for Chowhound. We never like to remove sincere posts from our site, but we hope you understand why it’s sometimes necessary.

i dont care what the “health department” thinks. As far as I’m concerned they have no right to exist. Just like the FDA “federal health department” that has decided we can’t eat real Brie and Camembert and even Roquefort. All those people can go to hell.


I love it. My go-to’s are:

Startled pig.

Nam Khao tod.

Wok fried noodles with chicken and octopus.

Pork shoulder in condensed milk with the cucumber salad.

I don’t know what the deal is with this. I checked out twitter, and there are people posting photos from meals there last night.

Night + Market Song is open, Night + Market Weho is closed, at least until Monday.

It’s been several years, so maybe I’m definitely due for a revisit. Thanks for the recs! From your list, I know for sure that I’ve had the Startled Pig and thought that was the best of the bunch from what I had.

Night Market Sobg is still absurdly popular. Waited 2 hours to go because people wanted to a week ago.

I like the food but it’s also noticeably worse to my palate than it was when it first opened; lots of flavors don’t seem as intense or deep such as in the khao soi or the Panang. The larb tod is less appealing. The Startled Pig is overcooked and not as balanced.

Still good but seems like things have softened to accommodate the palate of the average diner since it is so popular.

The specials hold the past awesomeness though.

A Scallop Tostada was exquisite. Delicate sweet scallops with piquant spice over an heirloom corn tortilla that added a great crunch. Easily the best dish of the night.

The Uni and Ikura Fried Rice is a recurring special and remains pretty great. Lots of garlic in wonderful rice studded with tons of salty Ikura bombs. The uni was ridiculously good given the rumors of all uni being poor quality this year. I wish I could’ve paid for more of it. Pure seafood custard. Stunningly great when all the elements are eaten in the dish but still pretty good when it’s just the garlic and Ikura.

Some old school Crab Wontons were shockingly delicious. Filled with cream cheese and some type of savory sweet sauce as well as a ton of succulent crab. Probably the best crab wonton I’ve ever had. I wish they sold boxes of them.

I didn’t bother photographing the rest of the meal, just the specials. Seems like things used to change on the menu more often. How we, the pad Thai has improved significantly since the last time I had it.

I wonder if all of the culinary action is at the original WeHo location now.

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Remember when this place used to be spicy? I’m not a pepper head by any means, but I was here in November and didn’t break a sweat.

At least the hipsters like it.

Yeah, in the early days when no one went I had some of the spiciest Thai food of my life there. Hard to believe now.

can’t believe you waited 2 hours to eat here. But that scallop tostada looks amazing.

Tried the West Hollywood location, no wait and was pretty floored with the bloody larb, there are more of those around thai town of course, but this one popped with much brighter flavor…next time i’d try their crispy rice salad as i love that dish… good jackfruit salad but pailin is equally good … burmese curry was the star for me though. similar to pok pok.

LOL WHATTT… stop that noise guys… don’t line up with thai town down the street

I tried to convince people we should go to the WeHo location at least but no one listens to me. Most people HATE driving and would rather wait 2 hours in line than drive another 15 minutes anywhere for some reason. I’m nearly the exact opposite.

Also, they didn’t believe me that we would have such a long wait because there weren’t that many people ahead of us. But realistically if you go with more than 2 people there are almost no tables lol

If we hadn’t had the couch I would’ve left.

It’s too bad because the alcohol selection is the one thing that is well above the rest of Thai town, not that it is worth such crazy wait times lol

Anywho, you try the khao soi at WeHo?

No I don’t go there for Khao soi. I want things I can’t get other places. Pailin and Spicy BBQ do amazing Khao Soi. BYOB to most places in thai town, like Sapp this weekend. I’m never waiting for Thai

Sapp does BYOB?


but i didn’t tell you that. always bring cold beer to thai town… cmon guys… i thought i was around pros :stuck_out_tongue:


Ruen Pair is worth the wait. Although I’ve never had to wait more than ~20 minutes there.