Henry's Cuisine In Alhambra Closes Until May 1

Saturday nights are strange in the San Gabriel Valley because while most of your highly regarded Hong Kong Seafood restaurants are almost never full and often half empty, an array of other restaurants, such as Mama Lu’s, Seafood Palace, Five Star Seafood, Boston Lobster and Bay Cafe are jam packed with people lining up to get in. In the latter category is Henry’s Cuisine in Alhambra, whose main attractions are lobster which ranks up there with Newport Seafood and a fantastic pork leg dish with crispy pork skin. So it was distressing last night to go to Henry’s see posted signage that after last night they would be closed until May 1 because of the coronavirus situation.

A worldwide group called No Appetite For Ignorance is trying to fight back by having diners pledge to support their local Chinese restaurants during this crisis, and highlighting favorite Chinese restaurants of various Chinese food personalities.



ADD TOP ISLAND AS WELL. To support Chinese restaurants, I’ve eaten at a different restaurant for each of the last 6 nights. I can only do so much to support them. It’s sad to see that many are suffering from lost of customers because of this scare.

Also, has anyone reported that LYL Restaurant in Monterey Park has shuttered at the end of February?


It’s a damn shame too because live lobster is a steal right now.

Eater reports that Seafood Palace in Monterey Park closed permanently.

Peony in Oakland is also closing temporarily. Interesting how so far all the restaurants involved serve Cantonese food.

Add Ocean Seafood in Chinatown, upstairs and down, to the list.