Holbox by Chichen Itza

Thanks so much!

There’s a smoked fish collar tostada but otherwise not seeing any other collars in there.

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there’s also recipes for kanpachi ceviche (not specifically the collar), and the grilled fish taco (supposed to be with rockfish. also not specific to collar).

is there any other restaurants in LA as widely beloved by the forum as Holbox? incidentally, Gilberto’s birthday was on friday.


what @ShadrackToussaint and @burritoking said. I see Tostada De Pecho Ahumado con Callos --Smoked fish collar tostat with scallop and ceviche and Kanpachi ceviche recipes. Can send pix of it if thats what you’re interested.


Would actually love the smoked collar tostada if possible. Thanks so much!

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Lol and the ceviche if you don’t mind. Thanks so much. What would I do without this board?!


I had Providence during the pandemic so it’s I guess not the fairest comparison, but I still would prefer Holbox.

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106 Seafood Underground and Holbox are both jewels.


don’t mean to compare in a bad way, but how does Mariscos Jalisco compare to Holbox?? I love Holbox but never tried Mariscos and have heard good things about it.

Two drastically different places. Mariscos Jalisco is more rustic and their menu is very small while Holbox has a much more diverse menu that takes on a more upscale and refined approach.

If I’m in the mood for a quick and dirty but delicious lunch, I would hit up Marisco Jalisco and scarf down their tacos de camaron and poseidon on the side of the road…follow it up with a bang at La Unica’s birria queso tacos down the street. But if I have a friend coming to town, I would take him/her to Holbox for a nice long meal at the counter.