Holbox by Chichen Itza

accompanying whatever you get with the guanabana agua from chichen itza and maximizing usage of the salsa selection

personally i would rank the tacos 1) scallop 2) smoked kanpachi 3) pescado al carbon 4) octopus 5) baja fish/shrimp
and 1a) torta, 1b) sopa de mariscos, 2) shrimp aguachile for the fried heads 3a) scallop aguachile 3b) the tostadas 4) the ceviches


Can’t argue with what’s recommended but we love all the fresh bivalve preparations—the giant surf clams en concha or the blood clams. Def things you can’t get in chi town .


Still bummed I never got to try the unicorn version with uni in the broth.

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that’s actually a very good suggestion

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Second the blood clams. Just make sure that the limes are not bitter before using them. I ruined my plate in the past bc of this.


Aguachile is my favorite thing there followed by the smoked kanpachi taco, but I think the cocteles are pretty special too (and overlooked). Looking at the spread of recs tho I think the bottom line is that Holbox rules.

Where’s the second bang tho???


Me and u eat the same. We did the shrimp aguachile (shout-out to those who had recommended it–the heads are amazing) and then a smoked kanpachi taco each. Then we went over to Sapp for jade noodles, then Northern Thai Food Club for larb and a papaya salad, then Awan for their ice cream. He had an early resy at Rustic Canyon, so he wanted to keep things light-ish.

Food was great. I didn’t ask for his favorites, but the guy particularly devoured the tacos and the jade noodles.


is there anything on the menu that hasn’t been rec’d? :sweat_smile:


Ugh I recommended the blood clams but we didn’t pull the trigger. I’ll snag them next time I’m there though!

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Mebe octopus taco?

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hoping i can order the fish sandwich or maybe the chum burger soon


I love ever single word of this!! I just re-followed their Insta in hopes of getting word when they dish out the fish sammies.


That’s awesome. Seeing Nope at the citywalk imax is a trip. I wish I were up in sf to see it at the metreon

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slightly different than the fried fish sandwich they were getting bread-wise, but if you go when they’re not too busy, you can ask them to sub in the baja fish for the shrimp in their torta - it’s pretty great! i first heard this move from LATaco.

that chum burger tho… need to try that


I rec the octopus tacos.

serious, is there a better seafood restaurant in LA besides this? I cant think of it and the prices are super reasonable.


It’s my favorite one. Technically, you’re getting higher quality at Providence if you take prices out of the equation, but how can you?


Random, but does anybody know if the miniature Holbox cookbook has a recipe for yellowtail or yellowfin collar? I’ve come upon some fish and would love to try to replicate that. (Ugh also don’t worry I’ve bought the cookbook already but fear that it’s at my parents’ place across county lines…)


i have it and can check later today