Hold onto your wallets when you get to the Citadel

As we were unsuccessfully wandering through the Outlets at the Citadel looking for Pumas, we came across people who had boxes of Staub cookware. We thought we didn’t remember seeing a Staub outlet there before and looking at the map we didn’t see a Staub place. However, we thought it might be hidden within the new JA Henkels outlet. We were right and oh boy. We barely left with our wallets intact. For the Chinese new year celebration, they were offering 25% off everything in the store. But we found a 4-quart Cocette for 50% off. Final price with tax $145. There were so many other things that we wanted to buy but we were good. But we are passing on this information as a public service announcement.


Uh oh - Spending spree, here I come…


They have most of the line there as well as their Japanese MIyabi line. It’s a great place to price compare because sometimes you can get pretty good deals from Amazon on Henkels knives.

Also, they carry the full Tweezerman line. This place is going to be SO dangerous.