Home Cooking 2023

it is a different recipe than most hummus recipes, but the results are actually quite good. that same recipe, published in NYT has almost 4 stars on close to 3000 ratings.

I agree, the 1/4 clove is ridiculous and I usually at 3-4 cloves and never use his recommended amt of tahini.

Do you add all that water? Maybe that’s one of the tricks to the super-smooth and creamy Israeli-style hummus I don’t like.

i add about 1 cup ice cold water.

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Rainy days mean Christmas prime rib & ham stock is on the stove. Bones have been in the freezer since I had plenty turkey & ham stock from Thanksgiving.


Anyone have any cold noodle dishes they like? Trying to switch up my kids school lunches and they both devoured some leftover garlic noodles from the other night that weren’t intended to be eaten cold.

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Would they like cold sesame noodles? I love these:


Hyashi Chuka is a traditional prep that goes great with veggies and lunch meat. Sun has a kit, but I think it’s seasonal. I like the one with Yuzu marinade, but any vinegary sesame oil marinade works…


Yukari rice, taco meat, egg and home made chili crisp. Not fancy but good


Nice @Dommy. We too had Soba and other Japanese faves for the New Year at our cousin’s.

And there’s more. It’s like visiting the UN of Flavors…

Black Eyed Peas, Prime Rib, Mashed Taters w/Garlic Butter & Collard Greens

Butter Chicken & Naan

Great coffee is always served…

I love that the young dudes in the family are budding bakers. The Naan was homemade and I was bummed to have missed the Monkey Bread w/Ghee & Garam Masala Spiced Sugar! Went home with a care package of coffee beans & a rum cake… most of which went into our tummies right away.


We’ve been sipping & noshing on leftovers from our New Years Eve at home.

Salmon Spread & Roe


TJs Hot Smoked Sockeye was dry, disappointing & pricey for TJs but I don’t like wasting so I turned it into a spread w/Crème Fraiche, M Marcel’s Caviar Cream Cheese (w/caraway seeds, garlic powder, dill, paprika, caviar & “secret ingredient”) Chives & Smoked Paprika.

Sparkling Riesling

Hadn’t had sparkling riesling before and I quite like it.

M Marcel’s Port Wine Duck Mousse & an Organic · Biodynamic Burgundy

More of the same Spread & Mousse w/Fuji Apples, Piquillo Peppers & Olives, TJs Hot & Sweet Pepper Jelly & Dijon

I’ve had TJs Pepper Jelly sitting in the cupboard for a while and finally cracked it open. Hello! I want to put it on everything now. How does Pepper Jelly Glazed Chicken Wings sound?

I promise next time I post something on this thread I will have cooked it myself. :relaxed:


Salmon dip counts!


OMG! Where did you get that Sparkling Riesling?! I just picked up my first bottle of the year from Bar+Garden. :DDDDD

Pepper Jell is awesome. Try it with some Bellwether Ricotta and Orzo. omg.


Hi @Dommy!

Al and I were eating at Alta Adams’ bar and the rep for the company was there drinking it and offered us a glass. I assumed he sold to Adams Wine Shop but when I went back they hadn’t heard of the wine. :thinking: Glad I’d taken a photo. They took the info and seemed interested in buying it. But I wanted to gift a bottle to my cousin who lived in Germany and loves riesling, so I got a couple bottles via delivery from Bottle Buzz.

Wooden Cork also sells it but delivery is more expensive.

Happy Toasting!


Ohhh I need more info lol. Do you mix the pepper jelly with the ricotta and fold it into the orzo?

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After a few glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, I decided it would be a good idea to make it sparkling with my SodaStream. It was messy because I have the one-touch model, but it worked surprisingly well. I watched a couple of videos on it, and it works better with a manual model. You can go slow so it doesn’t make a mess.


Not quite…

You make your Orzo. I make it like risotto… Add some oil, some shallots (Leeks are good too) and then toast the Orzo and add 2x broth to orzo and add more if needed. Then when done fold in some ricotta (Usually about a cup per 1/2 of dry orzo) and then serve hot. Instead of grating some parm, add a touch of pepper jelly on top to bring out the sweetness of the shallots or leeks with a nice counter point to the ricotta with the spice. Works well as a side with Pork Chops, Chicken.


Good heavens your New Year’s Eve snacks look yummy!

I too have been disappointed by the TJ’s hot smoked salmon… but good news - Costco is now selling their own brand of hot smoked salmon - and it’s awesome. Moist, rich, flavorful and really well priced - $14 a pound I think. You’ll find it by the lox : )

I keep thinking I’m going to cook with it - put it in a salad or a pasta, but whenever we bring it home we can’t help but eat it all on buttered bagels or crackers. :roll_eyes: :yum:


Thanks @Dommy & @Happybaker!

I always have Kirkland smoked salmon in the fridge but haven’t seen this honey variant, which doesn’t sound like an improvement to me.

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@Robert, their cold smoked salmon is lovely! Doesn’t need anything added, I agree.

This is a hot smoked salmon, like the Honey Smoked Salmon Co stuff they used to carry. https://honeysmokedfish.com

It doesn’t taste sweet, just rich and buttery.

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