Homemade yogurt left out overnight

We made yogurt in the Instant Pot last night (using store-bought milk, so def pasteurized).

We forgot to put it in the fridge after it had cooled to room temp, so it’s been sitting out for ~8.5 hours.

It looks and smells fine. No additional whey or “clumping,” as far as I can tell (although it’s been totally undisturbed this whole time).

I saw a thread on CH that said it’s fine to eat, but one website mentioned yogurt should be tossed after 2 hours at room temp (which seems very “conservative” to me).

Is the yogurt it okay to eat?


Smell it. Does it smell clean and yogurty? If yes, give it a small taste - notice any off flavors? If no them you should be fine. The good bacteria should have taken over.

But no one can tell you with 100% certainty. If there is any doubt throw it out.

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If it smells right, looks right, and tastes right, it’s fine. Fermenting dairy products was the main way of preserving them before refrigeration.

Whoever published that two-hour nonsense is an utterly unreliable source.

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Okay, so another Instant Pot yogurt question.

Tonight’s batch turned out… curdled? Grainy? Also a LOT more whey.

Smells totally normal, though.

We’ve never had this issue and make a batch about every 10 days.

Is this still okay to eat? The little I can find through an internet search indicates that it is.

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Should be fine to eat, you could strain the whey and use it as a slightly sour ricotta or quark

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