Hop Woo, Ocean Seafood or What in Chinatown for Chinese Thanksgiving Turkey?

Not going up North and I’m not cooking a last minute dinner either. We’re going to Chinatown for Peking turkey!

But where?

Never mind, I found this thread and I think we are going with Yang Chow.

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Having only just read about Chinese places doing their duck number on turkeys, and having gotten a bit excited about that, I would appreciate some kind of report … and I would imagine I’m not alone in that! In addition to the important stuff (taste, texture, fabulous or just really good?), some idea of price and size range, as well as last-minute availability, would be appreciated. From my own standpoint I’d like to know how small a bird I might be able to get. Of course I’d also appreciate input from anyone else who’s gotten these.

We didn’t make it for dinner this year (my family is very spontaneous at times, so plans can change with the wink of an eye), but hopefully there will be Peking-style turkey for Christmas. I’m going to make some calls in the next couple weeks and will try to get some info.

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