Hope angelenos here are all safe and out of range of the fires

sorry–no food content here.


Smoky skies and burning eyes.

Is close to LA actually in danger at this point? Seems like it’s north and then near SD. And Bel-Air. So scary.

i have a broad conception of los angeles. if the getty is in the danger zone then…


Bel-Air is simply a region within metro Los Angeles, and the Creek Fire is in unincorpoated LA county. Ventura is a different county altogether.

Thanks. I had a friend who used to live in Oxnard so I’m a little familiar with that area. So scary.

Indeed. Hopefully, the weather cooperates. :frowning:

We live at Tahoe where fire, like SoCal, is a constant danger. So our thoughts are always with you.


I’ve had a front-row seat for the SF earthquake, Oakland Hills fire, 9/11, and now the LA fires.

Which is to say, you should probably avoid me. :slightly_frowning_face:


Please stop moving.


Missed 9/11 but was there for the other 3. During the SF earthquake I was living in Santa Rosa in a cooperative apartment complex. We had a communal TV antenna 40 feet up in a redwood tree. I had climbed up to put a signal booster on it for the world series (these were the primitive days of broadcast TV) when the earthquake struck. The tree swayed like crazy. I thought of jumping off, but then I realized this tree had lived through the 1906 quake. I was the safest place I could be. Watched a tsunami go through our pool and listened to power lines drop all around. When I climbed down we had freeze dried backpacking meals cooked on a camp stove. Stock up on freeze dried and get a camp stove!


I cannot even imagine how terrifying that must’ve been! Glad you and the tree made it through!