How come you guys never told me about Dave's Killer Bread



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It’s such a common product that Costco sells it in two packs. My grandson is 6-1/2 and has been eating it since it got solid food :slight_smile:


Is this where I am supposed to cuss you out?


I love the stuff.

If the healthiness is an attraction, be aware the 21 whole grain has more sugar per slice (5g/120 calories) than two slices of Wonder Bread (3g/120 calories).


LOL. Didn’t you see the smiley face? I’m just surprised that anyone hasn’t seen it. I think it’s in every grocery I go in.

@hyperbowler - wow! I wonder if our daughters noticed that. I can’t imagine not. They’re super into healthy foods for themselves and their kiddos. Thanks for pointing out.

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We’re pretty vigilant about reading food labels for our kid, but missed it because sugar isn’t listed until after the grain mix, I.e. 21 ingredients in parentheses!


Is that the green packaged one? That’s the one they were getting. I haven’t paid attention lately. I know they stopped giving fruit juice because of the sugar. These grands love healthy. One of their faves is raw, red bell pepper!


Yes, the green one, and the yellow one too! Some other varieties have less sugar. It makes great toast


It does make great toast! As an adult I find the texture otherwise too soft. But I’ve seen countless PBJs made with it :slight_smile:

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The first thing I noticed is the high sugar and calorie count. 120 calories for one slice!!! One slice.

Of course I have seen it. I’ve seen a lot of food, but don’t know if its good or not.


We all have our ways to evaluate things but my first stop on a food is not going to be this site. BUT when something is recommended here I may try it. But as I was harshly reminded by a CH “Google is my friend” and I get tons
of info that way. I say this not in a mean way but just as how I work things out.


I have the thin sliced version (essentially same as a half slice) for when I MUST have a slice of bread, i.e. toast for breakfast with eggs. I generally watch my carbs so this will knock out any carbs with my lunch. But it’s soooooo worth it toasted with a tad of butter.

9 grams net carbs + 3 grams protein.