How do I love Sunny Blue ... let me count the ways

  1. Daikon salad … who knew that bonito could make my favorite root vegetables even better than it already was.

  2. MIso Beef omusubi … this is like Japanese “sloppy Joe” but, um, like a million times better.

  3. Tokyo Tori omusubi … like the love child of a Ronald McDonald and your favorite femme fatale from anime (Nao Yuuki, perhaps?)

  4. Mugicha tea … #BecauseFree

  5. Melon Cream Soda … like American cream soda, but less sweet.

  6. Combining Mugicha and Melon Cream Soda … #BestBeverageHackEver

Bonus: Dessert at Ginger’s Divine Ice Cream down the street … there really is no better way to end a Japanese meal than with two scoops of Gianduia ice cream.


Yup, I do love my neighborhood.

Am I the only only to find the potato skin onigri weirdly compelling?

The potato skins/wasabi onigiri is back baby and awesome.



Are those also potato skins on the side?

That is so cute you’re in our neighborhood! Sometimes it seems like your spend more time in New York than on the lovely Westside of our fair city.

It’s a great neighborhood place, the barley water is good, and I agree with the Ginger’s recommendation. Cheers!

Gobo fries, which I learned is burdock root. (Not 100% sure what a burdock is though.) They’re not as crispy as they look; there was a bit of a chew, but I was a fan.