How is Monty's Good Burger?

Is the whole menu vegan?

Yeah it’s all vegan. It’s just an impossible burger so if you like those you’ll probably like it. I prefer Burgerlords.


Heavy. It’s pretty good in terms of flavor, but the over rely on spread. I always feel gross after eating there.


If you are looking for a vegan burger I will second Burgerlords. Montys is just an Impossible patty which reads like a science experiment in the ingredients.

Burgerlords actually makes their own patty using veggies, legumes, grains, etc. I can’t believe how popular Monty’s is.


I went to Monty’s expecting a vegan InO replacement and that’s what I got.

Hmmn, a lot of hype in the New York Times.

I was wondering if it was any good. All Instagram?

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It’s kinda like InO but vegan. tastes good but…I don’t personally need to go out of my way to get there because I’m not vegan.


Like others have mentioned, it’s good, but a bit over the top. They use a lot of toppings to hide the slightly off taste of the impossible burger. I actually wanted to love it, but the two times I had it… I got a tummy ache. I’m sure it’s the spread, I use Impossible ground beef for home cooking fairly often.


I thought it had a funny aftertaste but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I thought it might be the spread since I’ve had other Impossible burgers. The Window has an Impossible burger at a much lower price point than Monty’s which I liked better, though maybe it’s because the Beauty Burger uses real cheese.


Not great. Even my previously vegan now vegetarian spouse is lukewarm on it. Which coincidentally is warmer than the bun they serve is. Seriously, if you’re gonna serve a burger, at least make sure the bun isn’t cold.