Hui Tou Xiang Opens In Hollywood

agree. very thick and not very soupy

agree here as well. the non-spicy wonton in broth was much better

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some sakes too

A few but 75% of the taps are empty.

So glad to have this place near me. Easily the best Chinese in my vicinity. Parking is a nightmare but I just use the CVS lot when doing pick up.

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Parking tip - it’s not a super great tip, but FWIW, I find spots on the Sunset end of Cahuenga fairly easy to come by. And the walk up to the H’wood end is entertaining, to say the least.




Had dinner here tonight. Can’t make sense of the location they chose. It’s not a pleasant area, parking is non existant, and the space itself isn’t that inviting. But having a Chinese restaurant of this caliber near me is pretty awesome.

We tried it this weekend as well, and I echo most of the sentiments you shared. (We did not try the spicy wonton or any of the noodle dishes.) We will definitely be back. It is exciting to have a place like this closer than SGV.


Wow, those are the same prices as the SG location. Egg & tomato noodles are must order. We frequent the SG location once a month and always get the pork hui tou, egg & tomato noodle, and seaweed. If we’re feeling extravagant, also the pork hock. The latter comes with some magic garlic sweet soy sauce :grin:


Wait, that was your full order of pork hui tou? If you look at my pic, there are 7 pieces because I ate one before I took the pic :wink: so we got 8 pieces for our order.

I ordered delivery on Postmates and the egg and tomato noodles were outstanding. Strangely I preferred the fish dumpling to the pork, though both were good.

A lot of people do.

Haha no, took the pic after we started eating. 8 pieces to an order :grin:

Tried the steamed veggie dumplings, beef hui tou, chicken pot-stickers and lamb skewers last night. The skewers were my surprise favorite. Cumin nicely balanced with spice. Strangely let down by the hui tou. Casing was a lot of fun but I found the meat to be somewhat hot dog-ish, chewy and looking like an undercooked lule. Other dishes were decent and a good value for the amount of food. A solid draft beer list too. Definitely coming back to try more dishes, especially as a pre-movie option once The Egyptian re-opens.


Try the egg and tomato noodles next time. I tried it thanks to @lileor and it was excellent!

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Very cool. Thought about getting them on this trip but we had already ordered too much for two people. It’s on for next time, though. Thanks for the heads-up!