Hui Tou Xiang Opens In Hollywood

Moving this topic out of the WSGV update thread, San Gabriel Hui Tou Xiang opened Friday at 1643 N. Cahuenga Bl in space which has been occupied by like 10 different Chinese restaurants in 30 years, none of them any good. (I know. I tried them all.). So it’s stunning to see a San Gabriel gem open up here. They’ve got their signature Hui Tou dumplings

Not to mention what I consider to be their best item, fish potstickers

Not a gigantic menu but certainly makes me happy.

They seem very proud to be in Hollywood, noting their location on the window.

Oh. And the receipt shows a 9.5 percent “Hollywood sales tax.”


Damn those look good. What a weird choice of location.

very excited about this! did you get any menu pictures?

This is it.


that is insane for the location.

Going to bring some Hui Tou Xiang into the Hollywood Bowl this September for John Williams.
Some Philz Mint Mojito too.

BTW how is the new Amoeba?

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Which of the soup noodles is the best?

Well, it is just around the corner from the LA branch of Tao. Indeed I thought I wouldn’t make it to Hui Tou Xiang because some kind of event at Tao was causing a massive traffic tie up and ate up all the street parking.

Really great sesame noodles and spicy wontons.
Such a surprising location - really hope they make it.
Lots of beer taps - not serving yet.

Hate to sound completely nihilistic but the rent must be a bitch, parking - fuggedaboutit, and neighborhood interest probably near nonexistent (unless they can figure out how to serve cannabinoid potstickers).


Ixlb seems to have done pretty well for itself in Hwood. I thought it would tank but they seem to have carved out a loyal following and niche. Maybe hui tou will have similar success.


What should I order here as a first timer?

OOE /porkybelly

In my experience with the SGV one, I’d say dumplings are good to very good, noodles are ok to pretty good. I like the pork Hui Tou and any of the boiled the most. And the sesame noods are solid IMHO.


Love those, that’s their signature – and what I usually get – but wanted to try some other stuff in Hollywood.

Owner added some skewers in Hollywood to the SGV repertoire.


Had dinner here tonight. Can’t make sense of the location they chose. It’s not a pleasant area, parking is non existant, and the space itself isn’t that inviting. But having a Chinese restaurant of this caliber near me is pretty awesome.

The stand out dishes were the braised beef Noodle soup and pork hui tou. The noodles had an awesome chew. Not sure if it’s made in house but it was some of the best noodles I’ve had.

Cucumber salad was serviceable and refreshing.

XLB was good but the wrapper was on the thicker side. I prefer thinner wraps but I guess that’s a personal preference. The flavor of the filling and soup was excellent. My 8 year old said she prefers DTF.

Spicy wonton was the only miss. Was really flavorless. Don’t recommend.

If the location was more pleasant, I would probably be a regular here.


Tourists? Metro users? Carless millennial Uber-ers? Rich Chinese with chauffeurs?

I’ll go there for sure since it’s so close to a subway station. Mother Wolf bang-bang?

Well it is around the corner from Koi. Maybe they want to get some of the overflow. Or maybe they want to be ready when the Chinese tour buses come back.

I was extremely pleased to find them when i needed something quick in Hollywood the other day. Ducked in at 3pm and was able to park right in front. That part of Hollywood at night should be avoided entirely.



Are they serving beer & wine yet?