Ichimura @ Uchu - LES

Finally made it to Ichimura @ Uchu for dinner. Nice zen pine wood decor, fairly austere for the most part.


Good dinner, although not sure if I agree with Michelin’s current * standing. Ichimura-san comes off as a very humble and down to earth chef.

Tab is pretty ouchy at $300 before tax & tip & beverage

For the FTC sake fiends viewing pleasure :smile:. Opted for the Hyaku moku Alt.3 from their fall seasonal selection.

I absolutely LOVE the Zalto burgundy glass. So fine and delicate, although I pity the poor soul who has to clean them.

:thinking: I don’t think this is a TOTO, manual intervention required to flush


Au contraire, that IS a new Toto S350E washlet, mounted on a compatible handflush toilet.

Truly befitting the $300 price tag of your supper.


I would expect to get at least a toto neorest 700h for that price. who wants to manually flush for 300pp?


I stand corrected, definitely a candidate for an upgrade

As I’ve said, it befits a $300 dinner. #Gothampricing #for$600pptheitamaeleaveshisstationandflushestoiletforyou

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Those are some crazy ass prices on sake, and way too much high end… did they even carry any Junmai and Junmai Ginjo?

Good choice on the Hyaku Moku! Although for that one maybe a Zalto Chardonnay glass would be better, but the Burgundy will give you the best aromas (that glass might be best with the Nishide Junmai Daiginjo since that’s a bit more aged and fuller bodied).

The Reikyo $7000 only comes in a 500 mL bottle, and it’s not Absolute 0, it’s like 0.5 % but they round down to the polish level, lol.

They had a more affordable selections, neglected to take a pic of it. Markups did seem high.

The Zalto Burgundy is an amazing swirling vessel :smile:

I think it’s the first time I’ve seen the < 1% polish

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Zalto chardonnay and champagne glasses can make the right sake work nicely, someone tried it with Den (Den Sake Brewery) recently and loved it to bits.

Yeah I don’t think the Zalto Burgundy would work for that 7% and < 1 % … you’ll lose so much by blowing it up with oxygen haha.

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