I'm looking for a tremendous knock your socks off cocktail

Price isn’t any object.

What about that new tasting menu super hip cocktail place? @Aesthete what was that called? Place where I asked if you have to dress up for it…

the walker inn

our mini-skirts required ?

you have a curious name ? set 0312 is that named after a star wars thing ?

@Gourmande, for just stellar cocktails (and isn’t overpriced), try Fiscal Agent (Julian Cox’s awesome bar).

Walker Inn? Only the bar is omakase/tasting menu-esque though.

You do not need to dress up though.

I am 99% sure they are the best cocktails in LA. Better cocktails than I had at any of the famous places in NYC that claim to be the best cocktail bars in the country (though to be fair the staff is like all people that moved here from NYC that worked in those bars lol)

Hatchet Hall has great cocktails.

So does Bar AMA imo. Maybe not mind-blowing, but insanely underrated. I’m drinking a cranberry margerita right now there as I post this.

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Kinsale King, at Redbird
English Milk Punch, at Faith & Flower

I have to say the punches and cocktail’s at Sambar in CC are pretty great too. (and the goat curry’s not bad either.)

Have you been to Old Man Bar in the back of Hatchet Hall? Suuuuuper chill.

Yeah. It was a bit too chill last time I was there… I ordered a drink and went and sat in one of those huge leather cheairs by the fire, and my drink never came out. On the plus side they didn’t seem to care I was just sitting there for free past closing lol

Oddly enough though, I like their cocktails from their regular menu more than the ones in the Old Man Bar. They can make a pretty good fizz though, not as insane as Walker Inn, but also far more accissible.

Oh no!

Thanks for the rec. I will definitely try that Fizz the next time I’m at Hatchet Hall.

Hard to beat Dan Tana’s unless your are going to ruin the dink by mixing it!

Fizz’s are just good cocktails to judge bars by sort of…because a good fizz is very simple, but takes a ton of attention to detail to make right. The ramos fizz at Walker Inn is…unreal… but Hatchet Hall’s are still as good as anything I ever had at what people call the best cocktail bars in the country.

Definitely adding my vote for The Walker Inn. Their menu right now is a tribute to Alice Waters and includes some ingredients that you won’t normally find in a cocktail (fennel, watercress, etc).

If you want to have food with your awesome cocktail, Redbird, Broken Spanish, and Bestia all have top notch cocktails.

Terrine entire cocktail menu is full of hits, as is ERB.

Walker Inn’s major problem is if you want interaction with the bartender, you have to do the “omakase”… which… is just… TOO MUCH sometimes. Lovely drinks at F-U prices for sure.

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Bar Jackalope at Seven Grand.

re: Walker Inn

Are we taking a mandatory 3 digit omakase experience here?

Not like I can afford it anyway, just wondering.

I think it’s expected that you have at least two rounds. And the cocktails are $20 each.

So yeah, definitely more of a special occasion place for most people.

Oooh yes! I almost forgot Bar Jackalope. Great if you can get in and/or have a friend who is a member.

That’s not completely awful.

$50 of drinks?..(including tip and tax) That’s about what you spend at most other places anyway… Maybe you’d get three cocktails to the two, but Walker’s cocktails have much more booze than pretty much anywhere else. Two cocktails there and if you aren’t a daily drinker of a good stature, you will be somewhat messed up.

I don’t get the price problem though, if you’re into cocktails, they already average like $14-$16 most places, $20 doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.