I'm selling two tickets to Maude on Thursday, March 24. It's pistachio month

I have two tickets to Maude at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 24.

After buying them, I learned I have to go out of town. This is disappointing, as pistachio month is completely sold out.

We paid $373.00, which includes food, tax and service. We did not add the wine pairing, but you can do that after you arrive. I’m simply trying to recoup our costs.

The restaurant says specifically on its website that sales/transfers of tickets are permitted. There’s an easy way to make the transfer.

Please contact me directly if you’re interested.

Thank you.

I miss the days when Maude dinners were $75/person.

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They adjust by ingredient haha

But I guess prices have gone up, even potatoes are $125 now.

That’s still not that outrageous is it?

I am going for the first time finally myself, as I am much better at ticket systems than that absurd phone system they had going, and I simply love pistachios.