I'm/We're Gonna Be At... Come Join Me/Us

Based on a suggestion from @nosh in the FTC Meet-Up Thread about posting reservations for smaller groups for smaller gatherings of FTC’ers, I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for it. I’ll start it off.

We’re gonna be at the Scotchery in Costa Mesa tonight. Probably around 6:30-7:00. We will probably camp out at the bar for drinks and sharable stuff. Feel free to come by.


Damn, right around the corner from work but too late for me.

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We sometimes sneak out for an earlier happy hour in the area, so maybe another time.

Sounds good!

Does Vaca have a happy hour?

A few posts on Open Table mention one, but I don’t see any mention of one on their website.

Any FTCers show?

Anyone going to be in SF tomorrow? I’ll be here 11-1p.

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I don’t have a corgi yet, but am thinking about attending CorgiCon, and then I will probably find a way to get one.


we will also be there representing. We run the corgi rescue that has been present @ corgi con for the past few events.


No. It was pretty short notice. I will keep trying. I would really like to meet FTC people, and this seems like an easy, low pressure way to do it.

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That sounds really fun! Wish I lived in SF… and had a corgi :relaxed:.

You don’t want a corgi. That breed is way too smart, way too inquisitive, way too comical, way too lovable, way too loyal, has way too much person- ality and too too so f’in’ cute. Doesn’t that sound awful? Of course it does - who’d want a family member like that, right? Oh yeah, they shake their little money-makers like the charming little Welsh tarts that they are. Who let them into our country? :smile:


happy 91st, your majesty.


You owe me an f-in’ curtsy damned commoner.

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…and their mouths look like big smiles. Yes, they seem horrible!

That was an unexpected and cool revelation from our @Ns1. Good man.

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He IS a saint. With a four-legged charmer. Who gets shotgun in the car?

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" i bow to no one, be they man or god."

– victor von doom

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No cake for sheep - uh, ewe. ¡D’oh! You.

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We’re hanging at HQ Gastropub in HB sitting at the bar. Let me know if you’re in the neighborhood.