Imm Thai Street Food - Berkeley

The great Thai food I had in LA inspired me to see if there are any legit places I haven’t tried around here. Imm opened a couple of years ago at 2068 University, when I’ve looked in it seems to draw mostly students. The menu’s largely in the “choose your color of curry and your protein” or fusiony vein, so I hadn’t bothered to try it.

Larb moo ($9): I asked for extra spicy, the server said something like “you sure?” and I told her I order Thai-spicy in LA. This came out spicier than most places will make for me. Right balance of flavors and textures, very crunchy toasted rice powder.

Moo ping ($7): nicely grilled, I’d guess pork neck, maybe shoulder, the server didn’t know. Nice sour-spicy-fishy dipping sauce. Again right balance.

I should have taken photos of the menu, I can’t find any up-to-date ones online.

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